Transformative Learning

At AC we want to create an environment for excellence in learning. Our highly qualified and experienced faculty provides quality teaching that consistently achieves excellent feedback from students. They combine specialist knowledge with practical insight and open conversation. This produces an inspiring and innovative classroom experience with solid content.

We advocate a holistic approach to education through active learning. Our education is not about transferring information. It is about meeting students where they are at and building their understanding. This includes providing students with a critical knowledge of subjects; skills in problem-solving; people skills and conflict negotiation through group work; and, the ability to effectively communicate to a large range of audiences.

This inspiring learning environment is also available in flexible delivery options – where the classroom comes to you! Beyond the classroom, our faculty demonstrate individual attention and care for students. They also function as mentors and inspirational role models for many students.

Leading research

The dedication of AC to research and innovative Christian thinking is reflected in the quality of our faculty, who rank among the leading researchers in their fields. The majority of our faculty hold PhDs from major universities and colleges. They frequently participate in collaborative research, which promotes an environment of creative, intellectual stimulation.

At AC we nurture a dynamic research culture that encourages students to passionately pursue their interests, producing graduates from our research programs who not only demonstrate academic brilliance but also contribute practical solutions to the challenges of today. In this way, our research benefits the broader community and participates in the transformation of our world.

Practical Emphasis

Our research and teaching is not isolated from everyday life. We are building an academic community that engages with contemporary society and culture. Each faculty member passionately strives to model practical application of their research and Christian faith. Our practical emphasis is also reflected in the classroom experience through relevant case studies and applications. Students can choose to complete practicum course units that provide “hands-on” experience in their community.

Vibrant Student Life

Student life at AC provides meaningful interaction and fun social events; from chapel services to formal dinners. This is facilitated by the Student Dean and teams of student volunteers. Our graduates continually refer to the long-lasting friendships they developed at AC that have helped them both personally and professionally. We aim to model our vision for a transformed society through our community events that are creative, relevant and informative.

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