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Be inspired by the stories of our current and former students. Across a range of disciplines our students have seen how our integrated teaching of faith and professional practice have helped our students to succeed in their purpose and calling. Studying at AC provides the perfect blend of experience and theory - exposing them to different perspectives and broadening their worldview.


"The Diploma of Leadership is helping me to see myself in the way that God sees me. Something that I love about the course so far is the relationship that I am growing with God. This course is encouraging me to have a deeper and more intimate relationship with him.I'm excited to see where he takes me. I feel like this course is calling me to areas of leadership in areas that I'm passionate about such as education, business and ministry."

Tahlia O'Brien
Diploma of Leadership Student


“This has been the best year of my life so far. You can come to class and study, but the great thing about this college is studying about God. One of the best things about this college is the friends you develop, not only students but lecturers and teachers. You get to meet new people who are open and sincere. Everyone is real, loves God and is one big family.”

Peter Akiki
VET Ministry Graduate


“My study aligns with God’s purpose for my life as what I am learning is not just knowledge but God-given wisdom from lecturers who have experienced ministry and know how to face the challenges that can arise. I also believe that what is being imparted to me as a student is a God-centred, faith-building attitude and outlook where I know that even though all my questions may not be answered, that it’s okay and God still has a divine plan for us all. And that plan is not based on who we are or what we do, but who he is and what he chooses to do through us.”

Sophia Hobbs
Bachelor of Ministry Graduate


"Studying at AC has provided me with the perfect blend of experience and theory, exposed me to different perspectives and helped me to broaden my worldview."

Thomas Boban
Bachelor of Ministry Student


Ruth to move to Thailand three years ago. She felt called to the Thai-Myanmar border to work with displaced people affected by the long-running civil war. Through AC's student-led missions initiative, Sounds of Silence, Ruth developed an interest in anti-trafficking movements. Ruth now transforms communities where people are at risk of human trafficking. She builds partnerships with organisations in the area, teaches English and vocational skills, and assists with natural farming sustainability projects.

Ruth Lesmana
Bachelor of Ministry Graduate
Director of Training for Global Alms Incorporated


“The adventure takes place when handling other areas of focus that aren’t as set in stone. AC prioritises critical thought married with historical research, which made for an invigorating experience and freedom of imagination. I was able to seek God and study biblical text in a way that I found relevant and fresh, as well as being holistically informed and well researched.”

Joel Hingston
Bachelor of Theology Graduate


“There is such wisdom and insight coming from the experienced teachers.  Everything lines up with the gospels and everything comes back to scripture.  You are able to put everything you study into practice in your ministry wherever you are, whether you are in the community or in a church environment.”

Samantha Mincher
Master of Theology Graduate


“Studying the Bachelor of Theology at AC has enriched my understanding of God, his kingdom and love for people. The classroom is a place of empowerment and empathy where open communication and thought is welcomed by fellow students and world class lecturers. This wonderful sanctuary has helped me transform my Christian worldview, deepen my understanding of who we are as God's people and renewed my hunger for his influence through us as world changers. It’s one of the safest environments to ask questions and gain understanding from experienced professors, doctors, scholars and lecturers. What I love and enjoy the most is the presence of family, inclusion, a genuine love and help from the staff and the experience of our AC chapel service, providing a place of expression, connection and worship. Here is a place where I may be myself, come as I am and have God through his Holy Spirit do his work in me through the teaching of His living word through AC's gifted lecturers.”

Zoran Radevski,
Bachelor of Theology Graduate,
Board Member & Music Director, Hope East Church Melbourne

kerryn bricknell circle.png

“Before I did my Master of Leadership, I had extensive marketing, public relations and communications experience in diverse areas of corporate, not-for-profit and small business from over the past 30 years. Since graduating from AC, I have gone on to lead a marketing consultancy as General Manager at Helium Marketing. It’s fantastic being able to integrate new leadership knowledge, faith and how to apply it in my context.”

Kerryn Bricknell
Master of Leadership Graduate


“Everything that I have studied has helped, particularly the leadership subjects. They have given me a really strong grounding and foundation for what’s next.” 

Rob Waugh
Master of Leadership Graduate & C3 Pastor


“The teachers I have encountered are passionate about what they teach and care about us as students. It’s not just relevant content but an engaging experience in the classroom.”

Cassandra Ta’ala
Diploma of Leadership Graduate


“The program really equipped me to help Chaplaincy Australia in its early years, and empowered me to develop things (key to its success) like its values and organisational structure”

Anne Iuliano
Graduate Certificate in Leadership Graduate
Founder, Chaplaincy Australia
Citizen of the Year, Willoughby City Council, 2019

paul bartlett circle.png

“The Graduate Certificate in Leadership gave me the tools needed to ensure my capabilities matched my goals, for my church and for ACC Community engagement”

Paul Bartlett
Graduate Certificate in Leadership Graduate
Senior Pastor, Lighthouse Churches & State
President NSW ACC and ACC Community Engagement National Leader


“I am constantly hearing from teachers how they would have loved this to have been available when they were training. Because of this model, I’m not wondering if, after four years of university, I will enjoy teaching or if it is what I want to do. I know now through my classroom experience that I’m made for teaching and I love it.”

Bethany Knaus
Bachelor of Education (Primary) Student


"My journey with Alphacrucis College has been a great learning curve that pushed me to go beyond my limits of self-centred thinking and teaching to inspirational leadership and role modelling in the classroom. I had the privilege of studying alongside world changing lecturers and leaders who were incredibly supportive. I have loved discovering that learning is a way of life and I am committed to instilling that within my students."

Su Pheng Lim
Master of Teaching (Primary) Graduate


"As a teacher it is my desire to encourage young people to rise up and fulfil their God given potential. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity that Alphacrucis is providing to be part of the Sydney Teaching Schools Alliance. This sees me working in a High School for 1-2 days a week whilst completing my masters. I am so thankful for this opportunity and I look forward to learning both on the job in a school and online here with everyone!"

Brittany Shapcott
Master of Teaching (Secondary) Student


“It is refreshing and encouraging to be able to learn to teach through the Teaching School Alliance, and to be able to have hands-on experience under a mentor teacher in my first year of study. I was so fortunate to have great teachers around me in my schooling and to be helped to develop academically and beyond. I want to be able to help other students grow academically and personally, as a way to thank my own teachers and to honour them, but also to work in a way that serves others, and contributes to God’s bigger picture.”

Joshua Hales
Bachelor of Education (Secondary) Student


“Alphacrucis didn’t just help me learn the practicalities of teaching, they fostered in me a heart to really care for and nurture my students. I recently had a year 9 student come up to me on excursion and ask why was I different to other teachers. When I asked her what she meant by “different”, she said ”Miss, you always give us a second chance.” This moment reminded me that it’s not about what you’re teaching... it’s about who you are to your students, believing in them and supporting them."

Carolin Smolek
Bachelor of Theology & Master of Teaching (Primary) Graduate
Primary School Teacher in Germany


“I was looking for a course that provided me with a complete qualification for teaching, accreditation by the New South Wales Institute of Teachers, had a Christian worldview, and provided a flexible mode of study. I found that Alphacrucis College ticked all the boxes. I enjoyed the variety of modules presented during the course and was able to embed my Christian beliefs into these modules. All lecturers provided support via online forums and face to face during the intensives. The class size helped me build professional relations with other colleagues and share experiences. I highly recommend Alphacrucis College for its professional and Christian values.”

Charlie Boustany
Education Graduate


"I truly recommend Alphacrucis College. The mode of delivery for the Masters course was really unique. The other students became my friends and we were like a family. This helped us when putting faith into practice in a school setting."

Charlotte Wong
Master of Teaching Graduate


“Completing the Diploma has enabled me to have more confidence working in this field and developing programs to be effective and of a high standard. It has also brought increased credibility when attending community gatherings and interagencies as I am now seen by others working in these fields to be qualified for the work.”

Jill Whalan
Diploma of Community Services Graduate


"I chose to study music at AC because I wanted my passion to be aligned with my faith. Studying at AC has given me hands on, practical experience. The lecturers have a very wide understanding of the music industry and they gave constant feedback and encouragement to improve. I also had opportunities to go on ministry trips to practice my skills in real life settings."

Kha Nguyen
Music and Ministry Graduate

gretchen circle.png

“I absolutely adore AC. I have learned more than I could ever expect, and I have been inspired and challenged on a whole different level. What I love most is that the environment is so friendly, I feel at home. It’s amazing to wake up in the morning knowing that I’ll be going to a place where I can pursue my passion, a place where I know I’m appreciated and loved.”

Gretchen Johnson
Music Industry Graduate


“The diploma of music industry is an amazing course and definitely challenged me and grew my musical ability. From furthering my skills in my instrument through weekly chapels and class performances, growing in my aural skills, and gaining a better understanding of the music industry, this course will certainly push you to excel as a musician. Part of the reason I chose to do this course was because it was the music industry but delivered in a Christian context. The lecturers themselves are such great people that have so much knowledge and skill. Classes provide opportunities to ask questions and lecturers deliver the content in such a clear and effective way! It gives you such a good understanding of the music industry. I highly recommend this course!”

Melissa Lieschke
Diploma of Music Industry Student


“There are plenty of ways to make a difference in business. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if more people understood that having a successful business and finding solutions to real-world problems, especially environmental and social ones, aren’t mutually exclusive?”

Adrian Chen
AC Graduate, Entrepreneur and
Co-Founder of Huskee Coffee Cup


"I’m working at two small businesses now, and my time in the Diploma of Business has helped shape me into someone who can add value above and beyond my job description. I’ve been able to utilise some of the basic accounting skills taught to tap into some fun and challenging areas in both organisations. The teaching from AC on integrity in business and the importance of personal character have seen me find favour with both bosses and my co-workers."

Sam Tomko
Diploma of Business Graduate


“My study at Alphacrucis College is more than just attending classes, research in the library, meeting with supervisors or obtaining a degree. It’s a life transformation: physically, mentality and spiritually. My time at AC these past few years have been the greatest experience. This is the best theological college in which to train to be a better servant of God and to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. This Christ-centred College has motivated me to make the most of my study… and the friendly staff have given me joy and happiness, too! To God be the Glory.”

Makalofi Kakala (PhD Candidate)
Alphacrucis College Melbourne Campus

abigail circle.png

“I was studying the same degree at another university when the lecturer said that our worldview affects everything we do, especially in this job.  At that moment, I realised I needed to find a new place to learn that aligns with my worldview. After asking around, I found Alphacrucis and I have never looked back.”

Abigail Comafay
Bachelor of Applied Social Science Student


"I came to AC to study a Bachelor of Applied Social Science. God placed this on my heart during a missions trip to help people in need. My time at AC has really grounded me in having a biblical approach and worldview and I really appreciate how my lecturers share from a place of genuine experience. After graduating I hope to work in youth or community development where I can bring people together and share Christ's love with them practically."

Naomi Jale
Bachelor of Applied Social Science Student


"The brilliance of the online campus is that you can stack your workload according to your schedule. All the content, milestones and deadlines are laid out at the start of the course so you can manage your study with other commitments. Your lecturers and tutors are available to support you in the virtual classroom and the online discussions are great!”

Sam Stewart
Master of Arts Graduate


“Stepping into AC to study has opened up more opportunities than  I could ever have imagined. These two years have laid a foundation for the rest of my life and was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have studied at university and the difference is stark. At AC,  the teachers are proactive in educating within a community atmosphere, and are always accessible. AC teachers know the power of a positive word. They have been overwhelmingly supportive, always, and I mean always, encouraging me to have confidence in my scholarly abilities, and they opened doors of opportunity wherever possible.  The AC teachers have encouraged me to aim as high as possible  and to believe those heights are achievable.”

Craig Hall
Master of Arts Graduate


“My time at AC really helped me see and understand the Word through a lens I had never seen before, helped me to become a better communicator practically, but most importantly, it has deepened my love for God personally."

Jason Mendis
Master of Arts (Leadership) Graduate
Associate Pastor at Petersham AOG Church