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Online Modes to Suit Every Need

At AC, we offer 2 primary modes of online learning across our subjects – Online Live (Zoom classes) or Online Recorded, to suit students with different needs.

Online Live (Zoom classes)

For those who prefer the experience of a class with live class discussion, the Online Live mode is for you.

Classes are conducted via Zoom and are usually timetabled at a set time.
Students who miss classes will be able to access the class recording.

online recorded classes

Online Recorded

Most subjects at AC are available in online recorded mode. These subjects contain pre-recorded lectures and allow you to study online at any time and place.

This mode may suit students who live further from our campuses, such as students living in regional areas of Australia or students outside Australia.

online recorded

Enjoy flexibility + stay connected

Engagement and Community

No matter which mode you choose, our goal is to engage you in your learning journey and keep you connected as part of our community – we offer individualised learning support, live tutorial support, online discussion forums, online formation and pastoral care.

We also offer access to the best online library resources, and online students are welcome to come onto campus for regular gatherings and events.

Mixed, Multi-mode

We find that students may start on one primary mode but end up choosing a mix of modes throughout their course.

For example, a campus student may not be able to come to campus for classes on a particular day – they can choose Online Live for a similar face-to-face learning experience.

Or an online student (who lives further from our campuses) may have their schedule freed up in a particular period and decide to take a subject face-to-face on campus.

We offer face-to-face classes weekly but also offer some classes in an intensive or extensive mode, where a subject is delivered in a block over consecutive weekdays and/or weekends.

The ability to mix different modes offers you the best of both worlds - the support of face-to-face time with teaching staff and students, combined with the added flexibility of online learning anytime, anywhere.

Our goal is make your learning journey at AC as flexible, rewarding and enriching as possible.

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Online education needs to be so much more than the accumulation of information and knowledge. Our goal is for student transformation within an online learning community where personal and professional goals are reinforced, validated, and applied within their cultural and vocational contexts. Alphacrucis’ accredited online awards are bench-marked against industry standards for knowledge and skills development appropriate for today.


> Teaching I & II Corinthians


> Teaching Theology of Social Justice



At the start of each subject, you are introduced to your peers online and form small groups. Together, you engage in activities such as online discussions, peer review and group assignments so you can interact and learn from each other. And your lecturers keep connected with you through individual feedback and support.



Lecturers and tutors model mentorship, online engagement and pastoral care so that you can consider different perspectives and values with a sense of safety, curiosity and respect. This nurtures a deeper learning process, where critical thinking, honest reflection and essential social skills are developed.



You get to learn from high-quality video lectures and live streaming, where lecturers share their knowledge, passion and experience. You can engage with your online content and assignments anytime, anywhere, with an internet-enabled device, but are still within a weekly schedule that encourages and motivates you to progress.

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“With work, church and other life commitments I found studying online was the best option for me to get the right balance. The lecturers make the online study really interactive through class webinars, online videos and challenging quizzes to keep it fresh and engaging.”

Bachelor of Theology Student

"I came to AC to study a Bachelor of Applied Social Science. God placed this on my heart during a missions trip to help people in need. My time at AC has really grounded me in having a biblical approach and worldview and I really appreciate how my lecturers share from a place of genuine experience. After graduating I hope to work in youth or community development where I can bring people together and share Christ's love with them practically."

Bachelor of Applied Social Science Student

“The brilliance of the online campus is that you can stack your workload according to your schedule. All the content, milestones and deadlines are laid out at the start of the course so you can manage your study with other commitments. Your lecturers and tutors are available to support you in the virtual classroom and the online discussions are great!”


Master of Arts Graduate

*16% higher than the national average. UG Federal Government’s Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching 2018.
^Postgraduate Business and Leadership, 2018 QILT Survey.
**Subjects with required face-to-face delivery, such as Social Science and Education practicals, will meet physical distancing measures and required hygiene practices. Based on the latest Government advice, we are planning for a gradual return to face-to-face teaching for students who can attend campus.