"The poster-boy of ecumenicalism. He was raised a Catholic, studied at the Anglican Moore Theological College, and is now Pentecostal." - The Sydney Morning Herald 2019

Professor Stephen Fogarty has worked as an economist, pastor, church planter, college lecturer, and since 1999, the President of Alphacrucis (AC) University College - the national training college of Australian Christian Churches (ACC).  

Stephen holds a PhD in Organisational Leadership, a Master of Arts in Theology, a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and a Diploma in Bible and Christian Ministries. Stephen is a renowned world expert on Pentecostalism and Contemporary Church Leadership. His PhD research explores Transformational Leadership, examining the relationship between leadership behaviour and follower motivation. In 2016, Stephen released his first book, Light a Fire: How to Effectively Motivate Volunteers in Your Church.

An international speaker, he frequently presents on the international speaking circuit, national conferences, colleges, seminars and staff days. He speaks regularly at churches across the globe, as well as leading NFP business organizations on the subject of leadership.

Prior to his role at Alphacrucis University College, Stephen had many years' involvement in pastoral ministry, and has pioneered three churches with his wife, Sandra. Stephen is an ordained minister with ACC and is most certainly a pastor at heart; a biblical preacher offering valuable insights into ‘how to live a Spirit-filled life’. Relatable with a genuine desire to run alongside and champion other senior leaders, he spends much of his own personal time equipping, encouraging and propelling Pastors and community leaders forward.

Stephen chairs the Asia Pacific Theological Association, Alphacrucis University College New Zealand, and is a board member of Asia Pacific Theological Seminary, and World Alliance for Pentecostal Theological Education.

An avid marathon runner, Stephen is seen running all over the globe as he continues to devote his marathons to raising funds for the ‘Alphacrucis College University Vision’. He is completing his 20th marathon in 2020, where he continues to run the 42.195 kilometres in both the Boston and Chicago Marathons.  


PhD (Organisational Leadership) (Regent University)
Dissertation Title ‘The Impact of Senior Pastor Leadership Behaviors on Volunteer Motivation 2013’

Master of Arts (Theology) (Australian College of Theology) 2000

Bachelor of Arts (Economics) (Murdoch University) 1981

Diploma (Bible and Christian Ministries) (Commonwealth Bible College) 1984

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