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A hazard is defined as something that has the potential to harm the health, safety and wellbeing of people. Please report an accident, incident or hazard here.

Fire, medical or police emergency dial 000. Download the free app here.

Outlined below are the emergency procedures related to each of AC’s onshore campuses:


If you find yourself involved in or witnessing an emergency (a crime or an event in which somebody’s life or health is in danger) it is important that you immediately contact emergency services.

  1. Warn anyone in immediate danger;
  2. Contain or manage the situation, if safe to do so;
  3. Evacuate via your closest safe exit;
  4. Call emergency services on triple zero (000) for fire/ambulance/police.

Provide them with the following information (or as much as you know):

  • what has occurred;
  • who is involved;
  • where you are and/or the incident is;
  • when the incident occurred.

An emergency is any situation that:

  • poses an immediate threat to life, health, property, or environment
  • has already caused loss of life, risk to health, property damage, or environmental damage
  • has a high probability of escalating to cause immediate danger to life, health, property, or environment.

In the event of a critical incident on campus or involving an AC student, AC will ensure that the needs of students and their loved ones are prioritised and treated with sensitivity. The Critical Incident Management Policy states: “Staff and student confidential and personal information will only be released with the consent of the person involved, next of kin or where it may be necessary to protect the health and wellbeing of others.”

To report online scam, please see ReportCyber.