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Dr David Hastie
Associate Dean, Education Development

David is a member of the Faculty of Education, Arts and Social Science .


David Hastie is an Australian educator, education speaker, writer and researcher. In August 2017 David accepted the position of Associate Dean, Education Development, at Alphacrucis College. This is a strategic role in establishing school partnerships, teacher recruitment pathways, research, advocacy and thought leadership, as they seek to build the first Australian Protestant University. Previously he was Education Strategist for the Anglican Schools Corporation (ASC), providing corporate services and assisting with future strategy with 20 urban and rural schools (15,000 students; 2000 staff) primarily in the areas of Teaching and Learning, school system growth, and religious education. He will still be working closely with colleagues at the Anglican Schools Corporation as a senior consultant around education research and school review projects. David is committed to strategically growing Australian student outcomes across multiple schools, school systems and tertiary sectors, by enhancing learning outcomes and school culture, many schools at a time. His PhD (Macquarie) examined the effects of religious schooling in Australia. He is an Executive Committee Member of the NSW Institute for Education research, and has published widely in academic and broadsheet media, education and religious sector media, and presented extensively at education conferences. David has also served in a range of other teaching and education management roles in NSW rural and urban schools since 1997.

Academic Qualifications


PhD (Macquarie University)

Selected Publications

David Hastie (2018). Should we ban books in schools? Arguments from the public history of Australian school text censorship. English in Australia, 53 (2). | Link to journal

David Hastie (2017). The Latest Instalment in the Whig Interpretation of Australian Education History: Catherine Byrne's JORH Article “Free, Compulsory and (not) Secular”. Journal of Religious History (JRH), Volume41, Issue3 September 2017. | Link to journal

David Hastie (2017). 'An unexpected shift in the Australian educational social contract',, in Collier, J. & Goodlet, K., Better Learning: Trajectories for educators in Christian schools In , Better Learning: Trajectories for educators in Christian schools (pp. ). .

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