Dr Philip Somh

Dr Philip Somh

Lecturer in Business

Phil Somh is a Lecturer in Business at Alphacrucis (AC), where he also is a Ph.D. Candidate. Aside from his role at AC, Phil is the CEO of Pesabase.com & Founding President of NomLaw (Freedom) Africa Group. Over the years, he also held significant NFP executive positions, such as, General Manager at Equip Community Services and International Board Member at World Outreach International.

Phil has been able to demonstrate active strategic, leadership, and organisational nous in his various roles, combining a range of educational and academic outcomes with key employment and volunteer practices to ensure a positive direction for the organisations. He is highly commended for his ability to contribute to a sustainable and desirable future for the organisations through the adoption of ethical and legal governance, financial management policies, and delivery of key resource management.

With this strong understanding of Business and its requirements at an 'on the ground' - Strategic & operation level, Phil has been developing and teaching content for AC’s business units, such as, LEA201, MAN201 & MAN311.


Doctor of Philosophy (Alphacrucis College)
Dissertation Title Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army (SPLM/A) was the impetus for the nationwide movement towards the acceptance of Christianity in Southern Sudan between 1983 and 2005. 2024

Doctor of Divinity (h.c) (International Association for Theological Accreditation (IATA)) 2020

Master of Leadership (Monash University) 2016

Bachelor of Business (Management) (MIT) 2014

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