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Every year Alphacrucis (AC) University College participates in annual appeals to see needs of the University College come into reality and to promote the vision of the University College. Please see below for some of our annual appeals.

"Running for Uni" Appeal


As President of AC, Stephen Fogarty’s personal mission is to enlist the philanthropic support of those who want to help towards the goal of becoming Australia's first protestant university.  Steve is inviting you to please #RUNWITHME by donating today and essentially, running this journey with AC.

Benevolent Appeal


Our University College interacts with underprivileged students from all walks of life. We believe that all should have the joy of education, therefore every year we campaign to raise money for those students and offer scholarships. If you would like more information regarding this please get in contact with our Advancement Director, Neil Scott.

Neil Scott
M: 0413 599 557
P: 07 3851 0290

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