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In 1 Chronicles 22 vs 5 we read the story of David making extensive preparations for building the Temple of God before his death. He knew it was his son, Solomon, who would build the Temple and not himself. However, David showed wisdom in leaving a bequest so that the next generation would have the necessary funds to fulfill the vision.

To be a world renowned Christian university, Alphacrucis, will require significant funds to support its ongoing expansion and future development. That is accomplished through the establishment of Endowment Funds. Most endowment funds are built over time through the generosity of people who leave a portion of their Estate in their Will to the university.

In 2016, AC launched its Bequest Society and a number of people have already become members. Members are those who have chosen to support the college's future vision by including a bequest to the College in their Will.

The foundational members of the AC Bequest Society are Kevin and Glenys Hovey from Sydney.

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Our Bequest Society Committee; Dr Andrew Evans (AOM), Pastor Phil Hills, Pastor John Lewis,
Assoc. Prof. Stephen Fogarty, Pastor Neil Scott and Pastor Glenys Hovey


Alphacrucis Bequest Society will be hosting High Tea Lunches across Australia in your State and we would be honoured for you to join us. We value your support in the on-going vision and future of our College.  See below for details in your State and RSVP to or 02 8893 9000.


Monday 12th November 2018
AC Campus
1013 South Road MELROSE PARK SA

RSVP by Monday 5th November, 2018 to or 02 8893 9000.


Monday 19th November 2018
AC Campus
3/642 Albany Hwy VICTORIA PARK  WA

RSVP BY Monday 12th November, 2018 to or 02 8893 9000.


Monday 26th November 2018
AC Campus

RSVP by Monday 19th November, 2018 to or 02 8893 9000.


Tuesday 27th November 2018
Surf City Christian Church
3046 Surfers Paradise Blvd SURFERS PARADISE  QLD

RSVP by Tuesday 20th November, 2018 to or 02 8893 9000.


Thursday 29th November 2018
AC Campus
30 Cowper Street PARRAMATTA  NSW

RSVP by Thursday 22nd November, 2018 to or 02 8893 9000.


Thursday 6th December 2018
AC Campus
45 Melville Street HOBART TAS

RSVP by Thursday 29th November, 2018 to or 02 8893 9000.


Thursday 4th April, 2019
AC Campus
1 Keith Campbell Court SCORESBY  VIC

RSVP by Thursday 28th March, 2019 to or 02 8893 9000.




I believe in Alphacrucis. During my time as General Superintendent of the AOG (now ACC) I witnessed firsthand the vital part Alphacrucis played in equipping leaders that facilitated the massive growth of the ACC in the 70's, 80's and 90's. This proven record of Alphacrucis gives me confidence that, in expanding their scope into business and education to raise up Christian leaders for the marketplace, they will achieve their vision to transform neighbourhoods and nations. I would encourage you to consider adding Alphacrucis to your Will.  - Dr Andrew Evans (Chairman of Alphacrucis Bequest Society)

I believe in the next generation. Their commitment to continuing the expansion of the Kingdom of God within society is very evident to me. Alphacrucis shares this same vision and Val and I believe that a gift to Alphacrucis in your Will is an investment in training the next generation resulting in the future expansion of the Kingdom of God.   - Ps John Lewis

I believe in the vision of Alphacrucis becoming a Christian University. As a former Senior Pastor of Richmond Temple I am very aware of the College's history it having started in those facilities in Melbourne in 1948. From such small beginnings the College has grown to be a significant training institution producing Christian leaders for all walks of life. Leaving a Bequest to Alphacrucis is investing in our collective vision of seeing a Christian university in Australia. - Ps Phil Hills

I believe in leaving a legacy that lasts for generations to come. As we progress in life one's focus grows into how we can remain an influence beyond our time here on Earth. Kevin and I have laboured for Christ to build His Kingdom and we have made a decision to leave a Bequest to Alphacrucis because we believe in doing so our witness will continue through them in the leaders that they equip to be future labourers. - Ps Glenys Hovey

I believe in the need for the church to be active in the marketplace. As College President and Chairman of the Board of Alphacrucis College from 2003 to 2013, I have observed first-hand the College developing quality curriculum that trained Christian men and women to be effective in their calling. Now in their Education and Business Faculty, and with a vision to expand into other areas like law/politics/social science/nursing, we see this quality extend into the marketplace like never before. But, I know, the cost involved is far beyond what is generated by student fees. Leaving a Bequest to AC helps build the resources needed to move into these new areas and to see great Christian marketplace leaders emerge. – Ps John Iuliano, Senior Pastor LifeSource Christian Church Chatswood.


The launching of the Alphacrucis Bequest Society was made possible by the generosity of the following Christian organisations that specialise in either preparing a Will, insurance for seniors or financial planning.

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Brisbane/Gold Coast

·       Neumann and Turnour Lawyers Contact 07 3837 3600

·       Delport and Anderson Pty Ltd Contact 073290 2260

·       Hardcourts Nexus Contact 07 3804 3555


·       Lighthouse Law Group Contact 02 9744 9236


·       Khor & Burr Lawyers Contact Tony McDonough (03) 9629 8711

·       ACS Financial Contact 1800 646 777


·       Residential Life Company Contact 1300 303 522


·       Douglas Cheveralls Lawyers Contact 08 9380 9288

·       Christian Funerals Contact 08 9370 5315


·       Ezra Legal Contact 08 8231 6100

·       Ivan Butler Funerals Contact 08 8261 8211


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