The University Vision is my 23rd Marathon, running 42.195 kms. For the last 20 years, I have led the College in its quest to become a Christian University. It has been a marathon, and the finishing line is in sight!

Australia’s universities exert a powerful influence on culture and society as they educate and train future leaders.

Alphacrucis University College (AC) provides an alternative voice to the secular universities, as it educates students within the framework of a Christian worldview and seeks to place faith in the public sphere.  AC has a strong reputation for uniquely combining academic expertise and Christian spirituality.

My personal mission as President of AC, is to enlist the philanthropic support of those who want to leave a vital legacy for future generations.  I am inviting you to please #RUNWITHME by donating today and essentially, running this journey with AC.

- Prof. Stephen Fogarty

+ All donations from Australian taxpayers over $2.00 to Alphacrucis #RUNWITHME Campaign are tax-deductible. All donations made in the USA, UK and Switzerland via the Trust Bridge Global account receive a tax benefit (see the Donate webpage under News & Community for more information if you are donating from an overseas country).

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