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The vision of Alphacrucis (AC) University College is to be a global Christian university, transforming neighbourhoods and nations.

AC will deliver education and training of superior quality and value, equipping Christian leaders to fulfil their potential and change the world.

Superior quality will be achieved by a sustained focus on meeting the requirements of an “Australian University” in an ethos of high ethical and moral values. Our focus is to pursue and maintain a reputation for excellence in all fields of study offered and in academia, governance, learning and teaching, research and scholarship, student services and support, and graduate outcomes.

For a detailed rationale of why we believe Australia needs a Christian university please download our ‘Why’ document by clicking on the link below. 

Why Australia Needs a Christian University

Should you wish to discuss our vision further or would like information on how you can participate in the vision please email or call 07 3851 0290

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