The Donations Policy covers all material given or intended to be given to the James Wallace Memorial Library, Alphacrucis University College. The following is general for both books and serials unless otherwise indicated.

All donations will be considered for integration into the existing library collection and will generally be accepted if the material is:

  • Consistent with the teaching and research activities and objectives of the university college
  • Within the scope of the library’s Collection Development Policy
  • In good physical condition
  • Current in terms of content

Books: Usually duplicates will not be integrated except to meet a demonstrated need or to provide at least one copy at multiple campuses. Any duplicates not integrated into the collection will be subject to the disposal process.

Serials: In addition to the outlined criteria, print serials will only be accepted if they fill a gap in the existing serial collection. Duplicate copies of issues already held will be subject to the disposal process unless they are needed for archival purposes.

All donations given to the library are required to be accompanied by a signed donations form and a list of items being donated (including title, author, publisher, date of publication and edition). The form indicates that the items being donated are owned by the donor and that he/she has the right to sign over the ownership of the donation. It also explains the disposal process and by signing it the donor acknowledges and agrees to this process. A donation will not be accepted if this form is not submitted in full.

All donations accepted by the library become the property of the library whether integrated into the collection or not. The library reserves the right to put any donated item it receives through to the disposal process on the grounds of duplication, bad condition, scholarly value or value to the collection. This process and the reasons an item may be put through to it are explained further under “Disposal process”.

Delivery of donations are taken during normal open hours, however delivery of donations of more than 3 boxes need to be arranged with the librarian prior to delivery, for storage purposes.

Disposal Process

If an item donated to the James Wallace Memorial Library is identified for the disposal process the following actions will be taken in turn until someone new owns the item.

The item will be offered for sale (Maximum price $10, depending on quality alone) to students of Alphacrucis University College.

The item will be offered as a donation to another theological library.

The item will be offered as a donation to local public or school libraries.

If the quality of the item is poor and cannot be repaired, and/or cannot be sold or donated, the item will be recycled. Profits from the sale of any donated item will be used to purchase new items for the collection.