This document should be read in conjunction with the James Wallace Memorial Library “Student - Library Agreement and Policy 2009"

Your responsibilities to the Library are:

To make yourself aware of loan periods, open hours and policies

Be up to date with library policy, open hours and changes to other rules.

To abide by the general rules of the library

To encourage harmony between students (and to avoid the library resembling a place for social gatherings), please be quiet, put your used, unborrowed items near the photocopier, and put your mobile phone on silent.

To abide by the signs posted around the library

There are reasons behind what they are telling you to do or not to do, please obey them.

To bring your student card when you want to borrow

You cannot borrow without it.

To inform the library of any changes to your personal contact information

Keeping your borrower record up-to-date means we can contact you if we need to, and avoids us calling the wrong number. It also means that you will receive overdue notices faster.

To abide by the lending rules and return or renew items on or before the due date

Fines apply for overdue loans and too many fines or one large fine can result in being housebound for a period of a month. Return or renew them on time to avoid disappointment.

To keep your login details safe

Personal information can be accessed when you login to the online catalogue, so make sure only you know your password.

To pay all fines for overdue loans at reception when invoiced

Paying your fines means that you will be able to graduate.

To be aware of and abide by copyright law as it applies to students

Copyright infringement is a serious offence. No more than 10% or one chapter of books and any more than one article from the same journal issue must be related to the same study or research.

To notify the library when you have lost an item on loan to you

Lost items will attract an administration fee, any fines from the due date to the date reported. The borrower will also be made housebound.

To obey the rules of an external library when visiting and/or borrowing from them

You are a visitor and are representing Alphacrucis. Please obey all rules, borrowing rights can be revoked if needed.

To abide by the Alphacrucis Electronic Users Policy

Rights and access can be removed if you don't.

To return your items yourself

Responsibility for the safe return of items you have borrowed can not be transferred to a friend.

To learn to use the online catalogue and all of the functions allowed to students when they login

Demonstrations are given at the beginning of each semester for new students and a user guide is available on the FAQ's page or from the library staff.

To contact the library with any problems regarding your loans

We can't help you if we don't know what the problem is. Please tell us.

Our Responsibilities to you are:

To communicate changes to circulation policies, open hours and services online, and in the library

We will notify you of any changes through signs in the library and through the recent news bulletin on the main library page and moodle. Whilst every care is taken to publish these well in advance, occasionally circumstances beyond our control mean that this is not always possible.

To be consistent in the application of lending rules and fines

Every care is taken to make sure your have the same level of access to the resources you need as another person doing the same level of study. It is our responsibility to ensure this happens.

To add the charge for the replacement of lost items to your account

Lost items attract an administration fee, the cost of the item and any fines. It is our responsibility to seek recompense from you to ensure other borrowers can have access to the resources they need.

To protect your privacy and the terminals that can be used to access your information.

We will never disclose any personal information or data that we have collected through everyday operations on what you have on loan to another student. Any request to know what information we have on you must be done in person with identification.

To welcome and encourage your suggestions and enquiries

Who better to understand the needs of a student than students themselves? Tell us what you think we can do to improve ourselves and the services we provide and we'll consider it.

To follow the correct procedure when it is determined that a borrower should be housebound

To help maintain equity of access it is sometimes necessary to make a borrower housebound if they have consistently broken the lending rules. Each borrower needs to have the same opportunity to oppose the decision of the librarian and it is our responsibility that they get their chance to do so.