AC Awarded Grant to Partner with Mission Australia

December 2021

AC has been awarded a grant worth $250,000 to partner with Mission Australia (MA) in a 5-year research program to implement and evaluate MA's new Community Chaplaincy Program.

Mission Australia’s statement reads:

We are thrilled to officially offer Alphacrucis the 5-year research partnership for Mission Australia’s new Community Chaplaincy Program.

Mission Australia (MA) has begun a five-year Community Chaplaincy program to enable deep engagement with clients and other community members in identified areas of deep and persistent disadvantage across Australia. The program aims to strengthen connections between community chaplains, local churches and other faith-based organisations to support more people in need, to provide activities to support the spiritual wellbeing of individuals and families, and to strengthen the capacity and cohesion of communities.

During the discussions over the last month, we have found the team at Alphacrucis to be strongly aligned to MA’s values and mission. In addition and importantly, the Alphacrucis team have also demonstrated their ability and intention to build meaningful relationships using an action research approach with MA staff and will ‘do with’ and not ‘do to’ MA Chaplains, staff and clients.

We are looking forward to working with you on this exciting and strategic project that will result in a proven and sharable Community Chaplaincy service model that delivers demonstrable value in the communities where they operate.

Mission Australia Partnership with Alphracrucis

Alphacrucis College Partners with Mission Australia