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No Cover - for BooksTitle: Pellegrini: An Italian Protestant Community in Sydney 1958 - 1998

Author: Mark Hutchinson

Publication year: 1999

APS series number: 1

ISBN: 1864085444

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Image of "Them, Us and Me" bookTitle: Them, Us & Me: How the Old Testament Speaks to People Today

Author: Jacqueline Grey

Publication year: 2008

APS series number: 2

ISBN: 1498257054

Short description: The Old Testament is much loved by readers around the world. Yet many people struggle to understand it. For example, have you enjoyed the stories of the Old Testament but wondered about their relevance? Been baffled by the unusual Laws? Skipped books that seemed far removed from your 21st Century life? If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, then Them, Us & Me is for you! This book offers a fresh approach to helping you read and understand the Old Testament. The first section gives you some simple keys to discover the Old Testament. It teaches you about the cultural world of ancient Israel. Yet it does not end there--it helps you to see how Jesus Christ fulfills the Old Testament and how it can be applied to your life. Armed with this strategy for reading, this book then outlines what the Old Testament is all about. This second section presents an inspiring overview of the major ideas and events of the Old Testament. This is a practical, common sense book designed to help you gain confidence in reading the Bible. It is for all people who want to better understand the significance of the Old Testament.

Them Us & Me is available through:

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Image of "Raising Women Leaders" bookTitle: Raising Women Leaders: Perspectives on Liberating Women in Pentecostal and Charismatic Contexts

Author: Shane Clifton and Jacqueline Grey

Publication year: 2009

APS series number: 3

ISBN: 9781921663000

Short description: Women in many Pentecostal and charismatic churches still experience sexism, and find it much harder than men to rise to senior positions of leadership. This book responds to this situation. It is driven by a passion to reclaim the tradition of empowering women.

Raising Women Leaders is available through:

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Image of "P.S. I'm Single" bookTitle: P. S. I’m Single: Reflections on Singleness

Author: Lily A. Arasaratnam (Editor)

Publication year: 2011

APS series number: 4

ISBN: 9781921663017

Short description: P. S. I’m Single: Reflections on Singleness offers a welcome alternative to anyone who is looking for something different from the generic brand of books on singleness. Based on the personal and professional perspectives of five single persons ranging in ages from late 20s to mid 50s, this book discusses the subject of singleness from Biblical, theological, pastoral, and socio-cultural perspectives. With astute wit and lived realism, the authors explore the hard questions about being a single person in today’s society and offer a refreshing new view on the single experience.

P.S. I'm Single is available through:

Alphacrucis College reception,

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Image of "Our College" bookTitle: Our College: A History of the National Training College of Australian Christian Churches

Author: Denise A. Austin

Publication year: 2013

APS series number: 5

ISBN: 0987495003

Short description: Since its inception in 1937, Australian Christian Churches (Assemblies of God in Australia) has transformed from a small, fragmented sect, into a substantial denomination with far-reaching impact. This book reveals that its national training institution, Alphacrucis College (formerly Commonwealth Bible College then Southern Cross College), has been integral to the unity, vitality and growth of the movement. The college became a locus of a burgeoning supply of church planters and missionaries, as ‘new’ Pentecostal alumni took the lead in renewal and visionary faith. Building on its solid heritage, while meeting the demand of changing demographics, tighter government compliance and evolving church structures, Alphacrucis College has grown to become one of Australia’s largest and most productive dual sector Christian colleges for higher education and vocational training. Our College will provide inspiration to all those seeking to equip others or to be equipped for the work of Christ on the earth.

Our College is available through:

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Image of "Light A Fire" bookTitle: Light a Fire

Author: Stephen Fogarty

Publication year: 2016

APS series number: 6

ISBN: 0994595107

Short description: One of the great challenges for those in church leadership is to motivate congregation members to take an active role in the church's mission. The apostle Paul describes this task as being "to equip his people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up" (Ephesians 4:12). This book helps church leaders to 'light the fire' of enthusiasm within their congregations, focusing on nurturing volunteers individually.

Light a Fire is available through:

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and Koorong 

Image of "Jesus First" bookTitle: Jesus First: The Life and Leadership of Andrew Evans

Author: Denise A. Austin

Publication year: 2017

APS series number: 7

ISBN: 064803349X

Short description: Andrew Evans is renowned as a prominent Australian Pentecostal church planter, missionary, denominational superintendent and politician. Under his 30-year leadership, Paradise Assembly of God in Adelaide became one of the largest churches in Australia. As General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God in Australia for an unrivalled 20 years, Evans instigated one of the most successful church planting drives in history and opened the way for global movements, such as Hillsong and PlanetShakers. Defying traditional church-state demarcations, he then founded the Family First political party and served as a Legislative Councillor, holding the balance of power in the South Australian parliament. This book provides a detailed biography of this humble Christian statesman and the timeless principles that guided his leadership.

Jesus First is available through:

Alphacrucis College reception,

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