The Art of Not Disappearing

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Cover for The Art of Not Disappearing

Children love to play hide and seek. It's the one childhood game we all remember playing at some point. But think for a moment about how we as adults often continue with this game throughout our lives. Through a fear of self-disclosure and genuine intimacy we find ourselves masking our true selves and projecting an image that either we are comfortable with, or we believe others want to see. Adam and Eve were the original "hide and seek" team. Suddenly confronted with their own vulnerability and weakness after letting God down, they attempted to disappear, disguising themselves with foliage from the Garden. But God came looking for them, seeking to restore not only their relationship with Him, but their true sense of identity. In the same way, God desires to skill each of us in the art of not disappearing. He longs for us to understand both who He is and what we mean to Him - and to know that there is no longer any need to hide. Van Shore shows us that God was deeply invested in our lives long before we managed to get confused about our identity and self-image. Drawing on biblical insights and his own challenging testimony of transformation, he calls the reader to allow God to shape them into the loved, accepted person He always intended for them to be as He unfolds His plan for their life.

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