A range of online-only classes start April 12th

We have recently received an increased number of enquiries from students about taking on extra subjects.

To accommodate this increased demand, we are opening up a special online-only intake in April 2021.

Enquire about your course or enrol now using the student gateway and you could start studying online in April.

Subjects available for the April Intake

We are offering a range of core subjects for most courses in AC, across Ministry, Theology, Leadership, Social Science and Business. To check which subjects below are offered for your course, please see the AC Timetable.

Diploma Subjects
BIB007 - Introduction to Israel's Scriptures (Old Testament)
MIN001 - Introduction to Pastoral Ministry
THE001 - Christian Worldview
LEA001 – Introduction to Leadership

Bachelor Subjects

BIB103 - Introduction to the New Testament
MIN101 - Introduction to Pastoral Ministry
RES101 - Introduction to Academic Writing and Research
THE101 - Christian Worldview

Master Subjects

BIB403 - Introduction to the New Testament
MIN401 - Foundations of Pastoral Ministry
RES401 - Postgraduate Research and Writing
THE401 - Christian Worldview

Enquire with Student Support

If you have any questions about study load, prerequisites, course content, delivery or anything else, our student support team will be able to help you in deciding your enrolment options.

Enrol using the student gateway

Using the student gateway you can enrol yourself in one of the April Intake subjects easily. Log in to your account to get started.

FEE-HELP Information

FEE-HELP is available for eligible students (all Australian Citizens, residents who hold a Permanent Humanitarian Visa and some New Zealand citizens). For more information about these loans including eligibility criteria please go to our Financing Your Study page or the Study Assist website. For any enquiries about the Special April Online Intake, please contact student support.