Request For Extension Form - Higher Education & VET

Extensions should be applied for before the due date.

Extensions are granted upon the following criteria:

  1. Medical illness (requires a doctors certificate)
  2. Extreme hardship
    1. “Extreme hardship” is not: computer breakdown, too much work, etc.
    2. The following circumstances are not considered unexpected or outside the student’s control:
      1. the student’s normal employment commitments
      2. difficulties adjusting to the demands of academic work
      3. poor English language skills
      4. stress or anxiety normally associated with assessment tasks
      5. lack of knowledge of the assessment task requirements
      6. misreading an exam timetable, exam centre selection or assessment deadline, and
      7. demands of sport, clubs, social or extra-curricular activity other than selection for state, national or international events.
  3. Compassionate grounds
  4. Faculty supervised project amendment

Each application is considered on a case–by–case basis. In the form, please make your case considering the above criteria. Also please propose a date for when your assignment would be completed—which is normally within 7 calendar days of the due date. However, longer extensions will be considered.

Please note: No assessment will be accepted beyond the final extension due date.

In the format, MM/DD/YYYY

In the format, MM/DD/YYYY

ie. Major Essay, Book Review, Devotions, etc.


Only .jpg, .png, .gif, .pdf, .txt, .doc, .docx files are allowed.

* Please allow 2 days for processing, then you should contact the relevant Program Director or lecturer.

* By submitting this form, you declare that you've read and understand the above. (If you don't, please contact us with your questions before clicking submit!)