At AC, we are passionate about serving our students, but we are also passionate about serving peoples at home and abroad who are isolated from a relationship with God by cultural and linguistic barriers. For that reason, we have a wide range of modules, subjects and programs delivered in many different ways at various levels of study to overcome those challenges.

Throughout the year we offer short courses including STINT (Short Term Intercultural Nationwide Training), a four day course that prepares students for short term mission trips of up to one year. In those days, participants gain tools that could otherwise take years to acquire– these can really make the difference between an effective and satisfying, or a disappointing and frustrating short term mission venture.

For students seeking a more in-depth look into cross cultural ministry, the six week World Harvest Institute intensive is invaluable. The World Harvest Institute grew out of the need for good solid basic training for people intending to make a career in missions. More information about these courses is at the bottom of the page.

Cross Cultural Ministry at Bachelors and Masters levels facilitate study and preparation in specialised ways while students can utilise elective subjects within Theology or Business awards, equipping them for a wide range of careers.


World Harvest Institute

Three Week World Harvest Institute Program (Will be available at Bachelors and Masters level)

Each intensive week of the three week program is a separate subject, as per the following list. Taken together, they are the proven, remarkably effective training program known globally as World Harvest Institute:

  • CCM221 - Foundations of Cross Cultural Field Ministry
  • CCM222 - Personal and Professional Skills for Cross Cultural Ministry
  • CCM223 - Methods and Strategies for Cross Cultural Ministry


Since its inception in Brisbane, Australia in 1986, World Harvest Institute has trained thousands of successful missionaries in Australia, Britain, New Zealand, Philippines, PNG and Malaysia. Its graduates have been successful ministers of the Gospel of Jesus in dozens of countries and all continents (except Antarctica).

World Harvest Institute grew out of the need for good solid basic training for people intending to invest their life in cross cultural ministry.

Founders, Rev Dr Kevin & Ps Glenys Hovey, were long term missionaries in PNG and, remembering their own early field experiences without significant training, knew the value of pre-field training. They gained long experience in PNG, during which time Kevin served in many roles up to the position of Field Leader which including assisting new field workers to integrate into effective cross cultural ministry. They completed Masters degrees at the internationally recognized Fuller Theological Seminary’s School of World Mission. This gave them insights on training new candidates and adding value to the experience of long serving missionaries. Kevin’s more recent PhD on a missions theme, now published as Guiding Light (Wipf and Stock, 2019), adds additional perspectives.

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