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A significant role for every M.D. (music director) is to arrange.  When do the various instruments enter? What should they be playing? What band dynamics will make the most of the song?  This unit addresses the practical, theoretical, written and verbal skills of arranging musical elements effectively.

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Curriculum Objective

Module Description

This unit describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to rework an existing composition into a different instrumental or vocal grouping.

Module Application

Arrangers in all genres apply the skills and knowledge outlined in this unit. They could be helping songwriters structure their compositions, writing versions of songs for performance or publication, or reworking existing compositions for recording artists by providing charts for rhythm sections.

Arranging is closely allied to composing, so aural imagination and well-developed aural-perception skills are critical, along with sound understanding of the theory and practice of harmony and counterpoint. Even though they are reworking existing compositions, arrangers aim to produce a musically distinctive sound, sometimes adding original music to final arrangements.