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Focusing on early childhood through to pre-adolescence, this subject examines human development for teachers.

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  • Currently offered by Alphacrucis: Yes
  • Course code: EDU227
  • Credit points: 10
  • Subject coordinator: Sue Westraad


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Unit Content

Curriculum Objective

Focusing on early childhood through to pre-adolescence, this subject examines human development for teachers. Teacher Education Students will study the spiritual, physical, cognitive, moral, emotional, and social aspects of early childhood through to pre-adolescent development, factors that influence development and implications for educational practice. The role of family and cultural child-rearing practices, as well as the impact of social policy on these for schooling, will be examined.


  1. Examine the assumptions and implications of major developmental theories; and then be able to identify them as focal issues experienced by children, including their social, emotional, mental, spiritual and physical health, as part of their identity formation within peer and family relationships; and be able to identify and describe factors that positively and adversely affect development for flourishing;
  2. Analyse the significant factors that contribute to or impact a child’s spiritual, emotional / social, mental, spiritual and physical wellbeing; and how such well-being can be fostered within Christian and alternate school contexts;
  3. Critically analyse key problems encountered by children in contemporary society and discuss approaches to responding constructively to these problems with students;
  4. Demonstrate the importance of understanding and responding well to childhood development experiences for targeted educational strategies from Christian and alternate worldviews.

Subject Content

  • Assumptions of personhood
  • History of child development theory
  • Stages of physical and cognitive development
  • Psychosocial development
  • Development of identify and self-concept
  • Research and development studies
  • Designing and interpreting curriculum
  • Education (Early Childhood and Pre-Secondary)
  • Strategies for diagnosis in literacy, numeracy, life skills, and behaviour management

This course may be offered in the following formats

  • Face to face (onsite)
  • eLearning (online)

Please consult your course prospectus or enquire about how and when this course will be offered next at Alphacrucis University College.

Assessment Methods

  • Critical Reflection (30%)
  • Minor Essay (30%)
  • Major Project (40%)

Prescribed Text

  • References will include the most current curriculum requirements for schools.

Check with the instructor each semester before purchasing any prescribed texts or representative references