Details for Investigate and apply a Pentecostal worldview

This unit sets out dimensions of worldview specifically related to Pentecostal beliefs and seeks to support and encourage an orientation to the Holy Spirit that is central to Pentecostal history. It provides the skills necessary to model and teach this spiritual orientation to the church and society.

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  • Currently offered by Alphacrucis: Yes
  • Course code: MINWLD502
  • Credit points: 10


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Unit Content


  1. Describe a Pentecostal worldview:
    • Pentecostal history
    • Pentecostal distinctive  
  2. Identify the gifts of the Spirit:
    • Describe the gifts of the Spirit using the Bible
    • Outline responsible practice of the gifts of the Spirit 
    • Apply gifts of the Spirit  
  3. Apply a Pentecostal spirituality:
    • Pentecostal approaches to understanding spirituality
    • Personal practice of a Pentecostal worldview
    • Application of a Pentecostal worldview


Prescribed Text

  • Wimber, J. & Springer, K. Power Evangelism. UK: Hodder & Soughton, 2013.

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