Details for Music Theory, Aural Skills, and Technology

Reading, writing, and listening are common skills to acquire when learning a language. Music is its own aural and written language of pitch, rhythm, duration, dynamics, tone colour, and texture all captured and described through musical notation or performed/recorded sound.  


This subject will help you to develop your theoretical understanding of music, musical literacy, aural skills and demonstrate the key role technology plays in facilitating our understanding of these foundational musical principles. 

Quick Info

  • Currently offered by Alphacrucis: Yes
  • Course code: MUS010
  • Credit points: 10
  • Subject coordinator: Daniel Thornton



Awards offering Music Theory, Aural Skills, and Technology

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Unit Content


  1. Recognise standard musical terms, signs, and notation.
  2. Repeat relevant exercises to develop aural-perception skills.
  3. Report on the development of aural-perceptions skills and music theory knowledge.
  4. Select appropriate technology to accomplish musical outcomes.
  5. Discuss music technology.

Subject Content

Topic 1 – Introduction  

Topic 2 – Music Technology: Preparation and Training

Topic 3 – Music Technology: Recording 

Topic 4 – Music Technology: Performance 

Topic 5 – Musical Notation 

Topic 6 – Rhythm and Meter  

Topic 7 – Intervals and Accidentals 

Topic 8 – Scales and Key Signatures 

Topic 9 – Chords 

Topic 10 – Chord Progressions and Cadences

Topic 11 – Terms and Signs 

Topic 12 – Musical Forms

This course may be offered in the following formats

  • Onsite (face-to-face)
  • Online (e-Learning)

Please consult your course prospectus or enquire about how and when this course will be offered next at Alphacrucis University College.

Assessment Methods

  • Exam (30%)
  • Aural skills tests and reflection (30%)
  • Performance/Score/Recording (40%)

Prescribed Text

  • Primary readings provided