Details for Research and share general information on Australian Indigenous cultures

This unit covers the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to research and share information about Australian Indigenous societies in a culturally appropriate way. It focuses on information that is widely available to the general community. The unit recognises that there is no single Australian Indigenous culture and emphasises the importance of culturally appropriate behaviour and local community consultation.

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  • Course code: SITTGDE007
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Curriculum Objective

The sharing of information on Australian Indigenous cultures with visitors is a key guiding function for many people who work in a range of locations and in multiple tourism industry sectors and organisation types. They must have an essential knowledge base to support this activity. The information sourced and shared could relate to Australian Indigenous countries and across Australia and cover a broad knowledge of Indigenous cultures. It could also cover knowledge of a specific Australian Indigenous country and culture. The breadth and depth of knowledge does not have to be extensive to meet the requirements of this unit.



Identify sources of information an conduct accurate research into Australian Indigenous cultures.


Interpret written sources of information, extract the required information, and check for accuracy and any required permission to disseminate to local communities prior to use.


Access information from other than written sources in a culturally appropriate way.


Demonstrate behaviour that shows respect for local Australian Indigenous culture and customs and follow correct protocols when seeking information.


Share knowledge gained with work colleagues to increase cultural awareness and understanding in the organisation.


Identify and use Indigenous interpreters where possible and within scope of individual responsibility.


Provide customers with guidance on appropriate behaviours when interacting with Indigenous interpreters or communities.


Share accurate information on Australian Indigenous cultures with customers.


Include reference to the diversity of Australian Indigenous cultures when sharing information.


Share information in a manner respectful to local community values and customs.


Share information in a manner that enhances customer understanding of Australian Indigenous cultures


Answer customer questions in a polite and friendly manner and according to community wishes about what information can be shared with customers.


Respond to culturally inappropriate customer behaviour promptly and in a manner that minimises the likelihood of offence being taken.

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