AC Wellbeing and Safety Framework

wellbeing and safety framework

Alphacrucis (AC) University College promotes and fosters a safe environment on campus and online for staff, Higher Degree Research (HDR) candidates, students, volunteers and visitors. This encompasses all campuses, learning centres, Higher Education Third Party Arrangements (HETPAs) and global online. Wellbeing and Safety is a primary responsibility of both Academic Board and Executive Committee, so AC is committed to:

  • developing the capabilities of the AC community to understand and support wellbeing and safety;
  • promoting a culture of wellbeing and safety;
  • embedding wellbeing and safety operations across all campuses, delivery modes and Work Integrated Learning (WIL);
  • ensuring continuous improvement and transparency.

The AC Wellbeing and Safety Framework demonstrates how AC endeavours to maintain the health and safety of our staff, researchers, students, contractors and visitors. It also supports legal compliance and develops our safety culture and performance.