Daniela Rizzo

Daniela Rizzo

Teaching Assistant

Daniela is currently a full-time PhD candidate at Alphacrucis University College and a new and emerging scholar specialising in Pentecostal Animal Theology and Animal Pneumatology. Her ministry focus is to help Christians consider non-human creatures in ways that are informed by their faith.

In addition to her studies, Daniela is a dynamic preacher at her local church, Kardinia Warrnambool.

At home, she is a cat mum to Pacino (named after her favourite actor, Al Pacino) and the beloved wife of her Sicilian husband, Davide.


PhD- Candidate (Alphacrucis College)
Dissertation Title 'The Spirit and all flesh- Towards a Pentecostal Pneumatology of non-human animals, with a special emphasis on animal glossolalia.' 2024

M.A.(Theology) (Alphacrucis College)
Dissertation Title 'Animal Glossolalia- Towards a Pentecostal Theology of Animals.' 2020

B.A.(Biblical Studies) (Harvest Bible College) 2006

Research Interests

Animal Theology, Pneumatology, Pentecostal Theology, Eco-theology, Italian Pentecostalism

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