Rev Dr David Kwon

Rev Dr David Kwon

Ambassador of Korean Campus

David Kwon has been in charge of Korean 

department as the Dean of the Korean Language Program at Alphacrucis College since 1994. It was a ministry to serve the Korean migrant community through academic and professional training in Australia. Also Dr Kwan has been devoted to building the leaders of the next generation through providing spiritual and practical education.

He has been involved in various ministry areas such as church planting and theological education in Asia.

As Dean of the Korean Language Program of the School of Christian Studies he has been providing various theological training and education at Alphacrucis College for the Korean community to build a foundation for the leaders of future generations in Australia.


D. Ministry (Fuller Theological Seminary, USA) 2005

Th.D. (Washington Theological Seminary, USA) 2002

D.Divinity (International College of Graduate School, USA) 1974

BRA (International College of Graduate School, USA) 1972

MBA (Korea University, Korea) 1965

Current Research

Understanding the role of Holy Spirit in ministry 


Holy Spirit


Research Interests

  • Pastoral Theology
  • Diaspora
  • Faith principle


  • 2002
    • Kwon, D. (2002). Principles of Faith. The Christian Literature Society of Korea, Seoul, Korea.
    • Kwon, D. (2002). Empty Yourself, You Man of God. Korea Council of Christian Education, Seoul, Korea.


Other presentation

  • 2019
    • Ministry in Context- Identity of Pastor (2019), Korea Conservative Denomination Association, Seoul, 10 Nov 2019
    • World Mission Strategy (2019), Korean Mission Association Forum, Sydney, 25 Jun 2019
    • World Crisis & Pastoral Methods (2019), Special Invitation Forum, Happiness Church, Seoul Korea, 01 Apr 2019
    • Justification and Interpretation (2019), Australia Korea Theology Forum, Sydney, 21 Feb 2019
  • 2018
    • New Strategy for Mission (2018), Australia-Korea Theological Forum, Sydney, 22 Feb 2018
  • 2017
    • Spiritual Discernment (2017), Special Invitation Assembly, Seoul Keumran Church, Korea, 17 Dec 2017
    • Revelation of God (2017), Special Invitation Assembly, Jaeju Presbyterian Church, Korea, 15 Dec 2017
    • Discern This Age (2017), Special Invitation Assembly, Yeongrak Church, Busan, Korea, 12 Dec 2017
    • Future Exchange with AC (2017), Meeting with Singapore Pastors Association, Singapore, 03 Oct 2017
    • New Paradigm for Ministry (2017), Australia Korea Theological Forum, Sydney, 23 Feb 2017
  • 2016
    • A Thought on Justification (2016), Aunstralia Korea Theological Forum, Sydney, 05 Aug 2016
    • Working together (2016), New Zealand Korean Pastor Association, Auckland, New Zealand, 13 Apr 2016
    • Pastor's Mission & Cho Young Ki Pastoral Strategy & 4th Dimension Spiritualiy (2016), Invitation Assembly (Cho Young Ki ), Sydney, 24 Feb 2016
    • Diaspora and Pastor’s Self-management (2016), Forum for Pastors, Sydney, 18 Feb 2016
  • 2015
    • Be Aware of Other Gospels (2015), New Year's Eve Service, Melbourne, 31 Dec 2015
    • Experience God (2015), Revival Meeting, Sydney, 13 May 2015

Completed Supervision

  • 2019
    • Paul Im, A Study on the Theology of Sharing implied in the Principle and Cases of Wealth Redisribution in the Bible, Business Management and Economics. (Doctoral Thesis), 2019

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