Dr Fai Seyed Aghamiri

Dr Fai Seyed Aghamiri

Honorary Postdoctoral Associate

Fai Seyed Aghamiri is an Honorary Postdoctoral Associate of AC's School of Health and Human Sciences. She practised dental surgery before moving into counselling and psychotherapy, and has more than 25 years of clinical experience in both private and public practices across Sweden, England, and Australia. She is currently director of the House of Hope counselling and psychotherapy centre in Queensland.

In 2023, Fai completed her PhD at AC on betrayal trauma among intimate partners. In addition to her research, which has been published in a number of international journals, she has also published books for wider audiences on the topics of sexual addition and betrayal trauma.


PhD (Alphacrucis University College)
Dissertation Title The lived experiences and wellbeing of female partners following discovery or disclosure of their male partner’s compulsive sexual behaviours : an Australian phenomenological study 2023

MCouns (Christian Heritage College) 2019

BDS (Karolinska Institutet, Sweden) 1995

Research Interests

Betrayal trauma; compulsive sexual behaviours; sexual addiction

Field of Research

Social and personality psychology

Book Chapters

  • 2021
    • Aghamiri, F., Luetz, J. (2021). Sexual addiction and Christian education In Luetz J.M., Green B. (eds), Innovating Christian Education Research (pp. 443–468). Springer: Singapore. | External link

Journal Articles

  • 2023
    • Aghamiri, F., Luetz, J. (2023). The Long-Lived Impacts of Sexual Addiction: Examples of Unwanted Gifts That Keep Giving. Sexual Health & Compulsivity, 30:1 123-127. | External link
  • 2022
    • Aghamiri, F., Luetz, J., Hills, K. (2022). Pornography Addiction and its Impacts on Intimate Female Partner Wellbeing: A Systematic Narrative Synthesis. Journal of Addictive Diseases, 40:4 472-480. | External link
    • Aghamiri, F., Luetz, J., Hills, K. (2022). Impacts of Sexual Addiction on Intimate Female Partners: The State of the Art. Sexual Health & Compulsivity, 29 1-37. | External link

Engagement Publications


  • 2023
    • Aghamiri, F. (2023). The Betrayal Trauma Healing Workbook: Holistic Healing from Betrayal Trauma, Grief Processing, and 12 Steps for Betrayed Partners of Sexual Addiction. House of Hope Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre.
    • Aghamiri, F. (2023). The Pain And Betrayal Trauma Caused By Sexual Addiction: An Unwanted Gift That Keeps Giving. House of Hope Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre.
  • 2020
    • Aghamiri, F. (2020). Reclaim Your Life: Essential Guide to Sexual Addiction and Holistic Recovery. House of Hope Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre.