Rev Professor Philip Hughes

Rev Professor Philip Hughes

Emeritus Professor of Sociology

Professor Philip Hughes was a senior research officer with the Christian Research Association (CRA) from its foundation in 1985 until 2016 and has been appointed as an approved researcher by the CRA. He joined Harvest Bible College in 2015 before becoming a research professor at Alphacrucis, and chair of the Human Research Ethics Committee. Now retired, he is Emeritus Professor of Sociology and continues to work in the field of the sociology of religion in Australia.

Professor Hughes has postgraduate degrees in philosophy, theology and education, and has done extensive empirical research in the areas of religion, values, and personal and communal wellbeing. He is particularly interested in the relationship between Christianity and culture. For many years he was a research fellow at the Centre for Social Justice Research, Edith Cowan University. He is also an honorary research fellow with the University of Divinity.

Philip is a member of the Holistic Human Health and Theology and Society research clusters.


D.Theol. (South-East Asia Graduate School of Theology)
Dissertation Title Christianity and Culture: A Case in Northern Thailand 1983

M.Ed. (University of Melbourne)
Dissertation Title ;New Being' and Religious and Moral Education 1977

M.A. (University of Melbourne)
Dissertation Title Decisions of Life-Style 1974

B.D.(Hons) (Melbourne College of Divinity) 1976

B.A.(Hons) (University of Melbourne) 1972

Current Research

Changes in the nature of religion and spirituality in the Australian context

Volunteering and religion


Religion and society


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Book Chapters

  • 2023
    • Hughes, P (2023). Australians’ Attitudes to Various Religions and Interfaith Activities In Adis Duderija, Denise A. Austin, Johannes M. Luetz, Interfaith Engagement Beyond the Divide: Approaches, Experiences, and Practices (pp. 163-180). Springer Singapore.
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Journal Articles

  • 2024
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Engagement Publications

Journal Articles

  • 2023
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  • 2022
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Book Reviews

  • 2020
    • Hughes, P. J.(2020). Australia Reimagined: A Book for Our Times. Pointers: Bulletin of the Christian Research Associiation, 30 (2) 6-10.. | External link
  • 2018
    • Hughes, P. J, (2018). Two Elephants in the Room: Evolving Christianity and Leadership by John Bodycomb. Pointers, 28, no. 4.

Popular Articles

  • 2020
    • Hughes, P. J.(2020). Australia's Changing Religious and Social Profile. Pointers: Bulletin of the Christian Research Association, 30 (1)1-6. | External link
    • Hughes, P. J.(2020). Is the Church Liquifying? What is happening to the Church and Christian Faith in Postmodernity?. Pointers: Bulletin of the Christian Research Association, 30(3)1-8. | External link
  • 2019
    • Hughes, P J (2019). Spiritual but not Religious. Pointers, 29(2)1-7.

Other Publications

  • 2019
    • Hughes, P. J.(2019). The Axial Age and Religion in Australia Today. | External link
  • 2001
    • Hughes, P. J., Black, A. (2001). The Identification and Analysis of Indicators of Community Strength and Outcomes.

Professional Memberships

International Society for the Sociology of Religion (since 2005)

Lausanne Network of International Researchers (since 2005)

Society for Scientific Study of Religion (since 2019)

Completed Supervision

  • 2023
    • Sue, D, Women in Isan: How Modernisation is Changing Religious Roles (PhD thesis)
  • 2022
    • Reid, S, The effectiveness of sports chaplaincy as Christian ministry in Australia (DMin thesis)
    • Creed, F, The Church as a Place for Connection: Building Social Capital Across Social and Cultural Boundaries in Australian Communities (PhD thesis)
  • 2020
    • Polley, N, Spiritual development of servant leaders in Aotearoa-New Zealand tertiary education contexts (DMin thesis)
    • Pillay, J, Integration of Asian Pentecostal migrants into Australian Pentecostal churches (MPhil thesis)
    • Bohr, M, The self-identification of Generation Y as 'no religion' in contemporary Australian society (DMin thesis)