Details for Lead and facilitate a team

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  • Currently offered by Alphacrucis: Yes
  • Course code: BSBXTW401
  • Credit points: 10

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Unit Content


1. Plan team outcomes

  • Identify common objectives of workplace team, responsibilities and required outcome(s)
  • Use performance plans to establish expected outcomes, goals, and behaviours for individual team members in accordance with team objective and relevant policies
  • Select appropriate strategies to ensure team members are accountable for their roles and responsibilities
  • Plan for contingencies that could impact the team


2. Coordinate team and individuals

  • Communicate common team objectives and responsibilities to team members
  • Allocate tasks to team members based on staff expertise or development potential and provide appropriate instructions
  • Facilitate open and respectful communication and collaboration between team members, considering the needs of those from diverse backgrounds
  • Identify opportunities for cross collaboration amongst external and internal teams and individuals


3. Support team

  • Provide coaching to staff to enhance workplace culture
  • Support individuals according to organisational requirements to work towards common team goals
  • Facilitate team to identify, brainstorm, report and resolve task related issues and inefficiencies
  • Use problem solving skills to deal with any team, task or individual challenges


4. Monitor team performance

  • Measure team member performance against agreed work plans
  • Provide timely and constructive performance feedback to team members according to expected organisational standards
  • Identify specific learning and development opportunities to improve team and individual performance and behaviours
  • Implement action plans to address individual and team training needs