Biblical Foundations of Education

It is essential that those teaching and leading in Christian schools be provided with opportunities to develop a substantial understanding of the Bible as an overarching framework for their education practice. This subject is designed to assist students to develop a coherent, education-purposed, biblical theology that flows out of the entire biblical narrative. This "big picture” or metanarrative subject provides opportunities for a thoughtful response to the canonical books of the Christian Scriptures and their implications for life. Students will be lae to explore what being shaped by the Scriptures means s educational practice. It seeks to develop in students a deep understanding of the integrity of faith and knowledge that should be apparent in education that is genuinely Christian. It does this through a survey of the Scriptures as an integrated whole and covers the implications for life and education of our embeddedness in the Scripture-based metanarrative.

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  • Course code: EDU400
  • Credit points: 10
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Co-requisite: EDU501/a Worldviews and Educational Practice

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Unit Content


  1. Demonstrate advanced knowledge of biblical themes, hermeneutical principles, literary techniques, and the unified nature of Scripture.
  2. Critically analyse and evaluate the implications of a biblically grounded meta-narrative for life and educational practice.
  3. Articulate a biblically informed characterisation of Christ-centred education.
  4. Apply hermeneutical principles to investigating a theme across Scripture and its pertinence to education.
  5. Critically reflect on biblical foundations of principles, policies, and practices of Christian education.

Subject Content

  1. The Authority of the Bible for Life and Education
  2. Genesis 1-11
  3. Covenant & Kingdom
  4. Exodus
  5. Kings, Temples, Priests, and Prophets
  6. Gospel
  7. Church
  8. Wisdom and life

This course may be offered in the following formats

  • Face-to-Face
  • Distance/ Global Online
  • Intensive

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Assessment Methods

  • Critical Reflective Pieces (20%)
  • Essay (40%)
  • Essay (40%)

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