A Biblical Vision for Christian School Leadership

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  • Course code: EDU505
  • Credit points: 10
  • Subject coordinator: Mark Hutchinson


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Unit Content


  1. Assess critical features of successful school leadership from a biblical perspective;
  2. Evaluate the relevance of worldview issues in shaping educational leadership;
  3. Critically evaluate a range of scholarly literature on general and educational leadership theory;
  4. Appraise leadership approaches that unite a school community around a biblical vision for schooling and a common educational purpose;
  5. Interpret and respond to the complexity and challenges for Christian school leadership in the 21st century;
  6. Propose and promote strategies that build the capacity of team members toward the fulfilment of a biblical vision for school leadership;
  7. Evaluate weaknesses or growth areas in one’s own leadership practice and develop strategies that will enable them to be more consistent with a biblical vision of school leadership.

Subject Content

  1. Defining and Clarifying Leadership Theory
  2. Approaches to School Leadership
  3. Distributed Leadership
  4. The Importance of Vision and Purpose in Christian Schooling
  5. School Culture
  6. At the Heart of Biblical Leadership
  7. Christian School Leadership
  8. Successful School Leadership: What does the research suggest?

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Assessment Methods

  • Forum Posts/Reading Reflections (10%)
  • Major Leadership Essay (40%)
  • Self-study Project Report (50%)

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