Biblical Principles of School Management

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  • Course code: EDU506
  • Credit points: 10
  • Subject coordinator: David Hastie


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Unit Content


  1. Evaluate the demands, challenges and requirements of school management from experience and based on the AITSL Leadership Profiles;
  2. Appraise various models, including mentoring, that can enable professional growth for school leaders.
  3. Critique leadership and management theories considered to be consistent with biblically-directed leadership;
  4. Assess how legislative requirements and contemporary ethical standards influence management practices of Christian school leaders.
  5. Select a current educational issue and describe how it affects, or is affected by, school leadership and management strategies;
  6. Recommend strategies for its effective resolution with support from the literature, leadership and management theory, and biblical principles.

Subject Content

  • Distinguishing and valuing leadership and management theories within a biblical worldview
  • Identifying the various roles of the Christian school principal
  • The importance of relationships and effective management for leading in community
  • Managing a team and building a community of trust
  • Understanding the importance of developing effective management skills, particularly listening, coaching, mentoring and motivating professional development
  • Managing accountability and compliance issues from an ethical and a biblical perspective
  • Strategies for effectively leading the operational management of the school
  • Understanding approaches to instructional leadership
  • Approaches to strategic planning for improvement and faithfulness to the school’s vision and mission

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Assessment Methods

  • Forum Posts/Reading Reflections (20%)
  • Literature Review (30%)
  • Justified Case Study (50%)

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