Provide foundational care in a church ministry setting

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  • Currently offered by Alphacrucis: Yes
  • Course code: NAT11088003
  • Credit points: 10

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Unit Content


1. Practice self-care        

  • Approaches to ministry and lifestyle choices external to ministry are analysed to identify practices requiring revision and adoption necessary for long-term health in ministry
  • A self-care plan to minimise stress and maintain spiritual, emotional and physical health when providing care in ministry is developed 
  • In consultation with a ministry leader, the plan is refined
  • The plan is executed with positive outcomes and challenges recorded and evaluated  


2.Listen and respond to a church member            

  • A space is provided for the care recipient to share where distractions are minimised, and which is in accordance with church policy 
  • Full attention is given to the care recipient
  • Verbal and non-verbal feedback is used to reinforce presence and build trust 
  • Active listening techniques are used to help the person express themselves including where grief, loss or spiritual questions are identified
  • Interjections with personal experiences and opinions are avoided
  • The care recipient is prayed for where their consent is granted
  • The care recipient is referred to a leader where the need for further support is identified.
  • Any reportable offences are handled in accordance with legislative, regulatory and church policy requirements.
  • Reasonable boundaries are maintained in accordance with church policy


 3.Debrief with a pastoral carer  

  • The care experience and its impact on the carer is reflected upon with a pastoral carer.
  • Any need for further support of the carer is identified and arranged.
  • Provision of care is evaluated to determine any coaching requirements.
  • External support and coaching are engaged when not sufficiently available within the church.
  • Confidentiality of the care recipient is maintained throughout the debriefing process.