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  • Currently offered by Alphacrucis: Yes
  • Course code: NAT11088005
  • Credit points: 10

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Unit Content


1.Summarise the metanarrative of the Bible        

  • The biblical and wider canon of Christian scripture is identified.
  • Biblical resources are used to analyse and determine the Bible’s structure and major themes.
  • The structure and major themes are delineated and summarised.
  • Authoritative biblical resources used are referenced throughout.


2.Communicate a biblical theme to a contemporary audience     

  • A contemporary audience is identified.
  • The context of the audience is assessed to distinguish their relevant needs.
  • The biblical theme most relevant to the audience is deduced.
  • The theme is explained in a contextually relevant way to edify the audience.


3.Create a long-term strategy for self-directed learning of the Bible          

  • Resources to facilitate further learning of each section of the metanarrative summary are referenced.
  • Formal and informal learning opportunities enabling specialised understanding in specific areas of the Bible are documented.
  • A long-term plan of self-directed learning is created to move oneself from general understanding of the Bible to erudite.