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In September 2019, the Asia Pacific Theological Association (APTA) hosted the largest of its theological symposiums to date, "Pentecostalism in Context: Challenges and Opportunities," with eighty delegates attending. AC’s involvement with APTA has a strong historical legacy as a founding member, and this year saw several sessions chaired by Alphacruics staff including Dr David Perry and Rev. Assoc. Prof Denise Austin, introductions and a paper titled, “Servant Leadership and Volunteer Motivation,” delivered by Prof. Stephen Fogarty, a paper delivered by AC sessional lecturer, Andrea Tokaji "Navigating our Response to Biblical Justice in an Increasingly Vulnerable World," and a workshop on “Critical Literacy for Theological Studies” by AC tutor Emma Austin with Garry Austin. Additionally, a central component of the symposium was the launch of the recently released Asia Pacific Pentecostalism (Brill, 2019) - a comprehensive volume edited by Prof. Denise Austin, Assoc. Prof Jacqueline Grey and Paul Lewis. Bringing together a series of narratives traversing the historical, sociological, theological and geographical features of Pentecostalism in East Asia, Southeast Asia and Oceania, the volume serves as a foundational piece of scholarship, placing studies on the Asia Pacific and Pentecostalism in a global context. To compliment the book launch and APTA research discussion, Austin presented a gift of the book to nine Bible College leaders from Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand. 

APTA 2019

In line with the Alphacrucis (AC) University College strategic vision of global influence, AC is a founding member of the Asia Pacific Theological Association (APTA) ( which is a cooperative fellowship of Pentecostal colleges in the Asia Pacific region. Demonstrating the strong commitment to this vision, AC staff have senior positions within APTA: President, Stephen Fogarty, is Chairman of the Board; Deputy Vice President - Research and Standards, Denise Austin, is Chair of the Theological Commission; Vice President Academics, David Perry, is a member of the Theological Commission; Vice President Operations, Greg Cortese, is Treasurer; and AC New Zealand Principal, Jack Zoutenbier, is a member of the Accreditation Commission.

During the 2017 APTA 10th General Assembly in Siem Reap, Cambodia, AC Director of Research, Lily Arasaratnam-Smith was the Plenary Speaker. She presented four sessions focused on the General Assembly theme of “Culture, Worldviews, and Christian Higher Education.” Denise Austin also presented two workshops: "Preserving Pentecostal History" and "Ensuring Quality in Christian Education." Stephen Fogarty presented a workshop on “Vision and Mission in a Christian College” and David Perry presented a workshop on “Spirit Baptism."

In September 2018, the Asia Pacific Theological Association hosted Contemporary Issues in Asia Pacific Christianity, at TCA College, Singapore. It similarly saw the contribution of Alphacruics delegates including Lecturer, Emma Austin, who ran a workshop on "Teaching Biblical History and Geography" and Greg Cortese (AC Vice President Operations) who presented on "Operating Excellence." Rev Assoc. Prof. Denise Austin lead a concluding panel discussion and closing remarks were offered by Prof. Stephen Fogarty. 

AC in Cambodia 2017

AC in India

In 2019, Marlo Philips, a graduate from AC and Pastor in New Delhi, received donations via AC Sydney campus Chapel for scholarships for women at an all-women Bible College. The young women’s training program, Hope Leadership College, launched in March 2020. To date, six young women have joined with more expected to be joining soon.

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AC in Colombia

AC and El Lugar de Su Presencia in Bogota, Colombia, have established a cooperative partnership for providing ministry training and education. El Lugar de Su Presencia is a significant church in Colombia, with over 40,000 people attending each week. The church was started by Andrés and Rocío Corson. Andrew is the son of Australian missionaries who came to Colombia as a young couple.

In February 2019, AC President, Professor Stephen Fogarty attended the first celebration ceremony for 22 AC Diploma graduates who had completed El Luga de Su Presencia's ministry training courses.

In July 2019, Senior Lecturer in New Testament at the AC Brisbane campus, Dr Vangjel Shore, spoke at El Lugar de Su Presencia. The Youtube Video of Dr Shore has already been viewed over 44, 500 times.

AC in Indonesia

AC in Indonesia

Alphacrucis has been exploring new markets for Hubs in Indonesia, including working with Austrade to assist in opening up markets and liaising with the Indonesian education credentialing authorities.

Dr David Hastie met with Tim Martin, Australian Trade Commissioner, at the Australian Embassy when he was in Jakarta, along with education trade directors Siska Wiliyhana  and Aswinny Sudhiani.

AC is exploring new tertiary training partnership opportunities with a range of Indonesian Christian higher education providers, in theology, teacher training and business. With around 25 million officially recognized Christians in Indonesia, the largest sector being Protestant at 16 million, the potential scale of this work is exciting.

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AC in Papua New Guinea

Order of Logohu Investiture

Rev Dr Kevin Hovey’s Member of the Order of Logohu Investiture Ceremony in Papua New Guinea

On 30 November 2017, at the Independence Day Honours list investiture ceremony at Government House in Port Moresby, PNG, His Excellency, Grand Chief Sir Bob Dadae, Governor General of Papua New Guinea, presented Rev Dr Kevin Hovey of Alphacrucis University College the Member of the Order of Logohu medal. In that investiture ceremony, awards were presented to a total of forty five people who had been recognised in that Honours list.

In Kevin’s case, his award was given “for service to the community and Assembly of God Church,” recognising aspects of the ministry that he and his wife Glenys had been involved in in their 31 years as Assemblies of God missionaries to Papua New Guinea.

New Guinea leaders the following day, Kevin explained how he saw the award. “First, it shows that Gospel works; lives had been transformed, churches planted, leaders trained and a church movement continues to develop. That is a potent expression of “service to the community. Second, the fact that Assemblies of God was recognized means that the PNG Government recognizes the impact of that movement. Additionally, in a way, although the award was given to me, every member, every leader and every congregation within Assemblies of God of Papua New Guinea are represented in this medal.”

AC in Papa New Guinea and Uganda

International Teacher Training Programs

Since 2002, Jennie Bickmore-Brand, Associate Professor of Education at Alphacrucis (AC) University College has conducted a volunteer annual teacher training program with the Kokoda Trek Foundation (KTF) in Papa New Guinea. She is also connected with Ps Fred Mukasa in Uganda on the Hope and Care Nursery School Project.

You can find more information on AC's International Teacher Training Programs here.