Dr John Griffiths

Dr John Griffiths

Lecturer in Biblical Studies; Program Director - Diploma of Leadership and Ministry

John grew up in the Pentecostal church, with both of his parents being ordained pastors during his youth. After leaving school, John felt the call of God to study and serve in the church. After serving many years running a youth ministry, he started his journey towards a PhD, completing a honours year focussing on the pericopae adulterae in the Gospel of John, and then in 2016 starting a PhD on the Spirit as gift in Acts. John finished his PhD in early 2020, and started working at AC the next day.

John is a member of the Biblical Studies, Ecotheology and Sustainable Development and Pentecostal Studies research clusters.


Ph.D. (Flinders University)
Dissertation Title The Spirit as Gift 2020

B. Th. (Hon.) (Flinders University)
Dissertation Title When The Punishment Does Not Fit The Crime 2015

Current Research

Luke-Acts, the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, the Spirit as Gift, Pneumatology and Ecclesiology, the Gospel of John, Gift-Giving Models in the NT, the Early Jesus Movement.


  • 2022
    • John D. Griffiths (2022). The Spirit as Gift in Acts. Brill. | External link

Book Chapters

  • 2022
    • John D. Griffiths (2022). In the Last Days: Alteration, Eschatology, and the Spirit In Peter G. Bolt, Jesus: Beginning, Middle, & End of Time? Eschatology in Gospels & Acts Research (pp. ). SCD Press.
  • 2021
    • John D. Griffiths (2021). Wonders in the Heavens Above, Signs on the Earth Below: Pacific Islands Pentecostalism, Climate Change and Acts 2 In Johannes M. Luetz & Patrick D. Nunn, Beyond Belief: Opportunities for Faith-Engaged Approaches to Climate-Change Adaptation in the Pacific Islands (pp. 329-344). Springer International. | External link
    • John D. Griffiths (2021). All the Earth, Let Us Sing: Searching for a Latent Pentecostal Ecology in Australian Pentecostal Worship In Christina Nellist, Climate Crisis and Sustainable Creaturely Care: Integrated Theology, Governance and Justice (pp. 81-102). Cambridge Scholars Publishing. | External link

Journal Articles

  • 2023
    • Griffiths, John D. (2023). Tongues as of Fire: Pentecost as a Temple Inauguration Theophany. Journal of Pentecostal Theology, 31.2. | External link
  • 2021
    • John D. Griffiths (2021). Spirit-Baptised Creation: Locating Pentecost in the Meta-Narrative of Creation and Its Implications for a Pentecostal Ecology. Australasian Pentecostal Studies, 22, 1 46-60. | External link
  • 2017
    • John D. Griffiths (2017). When the Punishment does not Fit the Crime. Australasian Pentecostal Studies, 19 99-118. | External link

Internal and External Grants

  • 2024
    • AC Conference Funding, $2000, AC
  • 2023
    • AC Conference Funding, $2000, AC
  • 2020
    • An Ecological Reading of Pentecost, $4000, ARTFinc


  • 2021
    • In The Last Days: Eschatology, the Spirit and the Church (2021), 2021 SCD CGAR Conference, Online, 30 Sep 2021
    • Spirit-Baptised Flesh: An Ecological Reading of Acts 2:17-21 (2021), ANZATS 2021, Online, 05 Jul 2021
  • 2020
    • Understanding Ecological Crises from an Enchanted Worldview: A Review and Prospects of a Pentecostal Ecology (2020), GloPent, Online, 31 Oct 2020

Professional Memberships

Society For Pentecostal Studies (since 2020)

Current Supervision

  • Current
    • Toh, L, Sung Theology: A Comparative Textual Analysis of the Original Song Lyrics of New Creation Church, Singapore, and Those of Hillsong Church, Australia (PhD thesis)
    • Bakker, A, The Forty Days of Resurrection Appearances in Luke 24:1−53 and Acts 1:1−11 as Preparation for the Apostles’ Post-Ascension Mission (PhD thesis)

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