Details for New Testament Greek II

New Testament Greek 2 builds on from Greek 1 to give you a solid foundation for your knowledge of Biblical Greek. This unit rounds out a full year of Greek study and will equip you with a good working knowledge of Greek grammar, and it is from this basis that you can launch into more advanced syntactical and exegetical study of the New Testament texts. Greek 2, in a way, puts 'wheels' on your study of Greek, as we come to see more fully the beauty of the Greek verbal system and its significance for understanding the original texts.

Quick Info

  • Currently offered by Alphacrucis: Yes
  • Course code: ANL502
  • Credit points: 10
  • Subject coordinator: Jeffrey Aernie


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Unit Content

Curriculum Objective

This course unit builds on the content of Greek 1 and enables the student to begin to develop professional skills in New Testament exegesis and translation.


  1. Demonstrate an intermediate knowledge of New Testament Greek, including:
    • recognise and translate most frequent NT Greek vocabulary;
    • identify more complex NT Greek grammatical forms, including participles, adverbs, verbs outside the indicative mood, and athematic verbs;
    • analyse grammar and syntax of intermediate NT Greek sentences;
    • Identify, parse, and translate verbs with reference to verbal aspect theory.
  2. Demonstrate an intermediate understanding of the grammar and syntax of NT Greek, evidenced in the ability to exegete more complex passages;
  3. Use lexical and analytical aids to study the Greek New Testament.

Subject Content

  • Introduction and Review
  • Aorist and Future Passive Indicative
  • Perfect Indicatives
  • Participles; Present Participles
  • Aorist Participles; Adjectival Participles
  • Perfect Participles and Genitive Absolutes 
  • The Subjunctive Mood
  • The Infinitive and the Imperative
  • Athematic Verbs
  • Translation and Syntax

This course may be offered in the following formats

  • Face to Face (onsite)
  • Distance/E-learning (online)

Please consult your course prospectus or enquire about how and when this course will be offered next at Alphacrucis University College.

Assessment Methods

  • Quizzes (30%)
  • Translation Assignment (30%)
  • Final Exam (40%)

Prescribed Text

  • Mounce, William D., Basics of Biblical Greek: Grammar (Fourth Edition), Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2019

  • Mounce, William D., Basics of Biblical Greek: Workbook (Fourth Edition), Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2019