Details for Psychology of Emotion and Wellbeing

This is a first year Applied Social Science core subject that introduces students to the fields of psychology, social science and the importance of emotions in human identity. It leads into other psychology subjects and informs subjects such as grief and loss. This subject will allow students to develop a better understanding and management of their emotions. Students learn how to use this as a basis for building a framework to identify and work appropriately with the emotions of clients in an empathetic and professional manner.

Quick Info

  • Currently offered by Alphacrucis: Yes
  • Course code: SSC110
  • Credit points: 10
  • Subject coordinator: Catrina Henderson



Awards offering Psychology of Emotion and Wellbeing

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Unit Content


  1. Describe the function of emotions and normal emotional development;
  2. Distinguish between a number of theoretical approaches to understanding emotions;
  3. Critique at least one approach to emotional management;
  4. Creatively introduce another individual to your emotion of choice.

Subject Content

  • Engaging with your emotions as the basis of understanding the emotions of others
  • Consider the developmental aspects of emotions, including attachment
  • Examine adaptive and non-adaptive functions of emotion; emotional intelligence
  • Understand emotions in relation to science, culture, theories, society and attachment

This course may be offered in the following formats

  • Onsite (face-to-face)
  • Online (eLearning)
  • Intensives
  • Extensives

Please consult your course prospectus or enquire about how and when this course will be offered next at Alphacrucis University College.

Assessment Methods

  • Major Essay (40%)
  • Exam (25%)
  • Reflective Journal with Worksheets (20%)
  • Forum Posts (15%)

Prescribed Text

  • Niedenthal, P.M. & Ric, F. (2017). Psychology of emotion (2nd ed.). New York: Psychology Press.

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