Associate Professor Jon Newton
PhD , MA , BA (Hons) , DipEd , BA

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Associate Professor Jon Newton
Associate Professor in Biblical Studies

Jon is a member of the Faculty of Theology and specialises in the following areas: Biblical Studies , Christian Worldview , Theology .


I came to my role at Alphacrucis College after serving for nine years at Harvest Bible College, most recently as Dean of Postgraduate Studies and Research. My PhD was gained at Deakin University (conferred 2007) with a thesis entitled "Postmodernism, Christianity and the Book of Revelation." I am the author of two books: Revelation Reclaimed: The Use and Misuse of the Apocalypse (Paternoster 2009) and The Revelation Worldview (Wipf and Stock 2015). I also edited New Frontiers: Redefining Christian Ministry for 21st Century Contexts (Mosaic 2013). I have also had a number of articles published in peer-reviewed journals such as Australian Biblical Review, Colloquium and Journal of Pentecostal Theology. I am the editor of the Journal of Contemporary Ministry. Currently I am working on a commentary on Revelation for a new Pentecostal commentary series. My other main research interest is Australian Pentecostalism. 

In other areas of life, I am married to Judy (since 1977) and we serve as senior ministers of Oasis Church in Hampton, a bayside suburb of Melbourne. I have five married chidlren and three grandchildren. In my spare time, I am passionate about coffee, rugby, classical music, traveling and walking.  

Research Interests

Biblical Studies (e.g., Acts; Romans; Revelation; Exegesis: Corinthian Correspondence);  Issues in Apologetics;  Eschatology, and the Theology of the Future; Building a Christian Worldview; Pentecostalism.

Academic Qualifications


PhD (Deakin University)


MA (Australian College of Theology)


BA (Hons) (ICI University, Texas)


DipEd (University of Sydney)


BA (University of Sydney)

Selected Publications

Newton, J.K.(2017). The Full Gospel and the Apocalypse. Journal of Pentecostal Theology, Vol.26, No.186-109.

Newton, J.K.(2015). Patmos and Southland: Australasian Pentecostal Reading of the Book of Revelation. Australasian Pentecostal Studies, Vol. 17. | Link to journal

Newton, J.K.(2015). The Revelation Worldview. .

Newton, J.K.(2013). The Epistemology of the Book of Revelation. Heythrop Journal, .

Newton, J.K.(2013). New Frontiers In Newton, J.K., Worldview Wars; battling for the mind in the 21st Century (pp. ). Mosaic Press, Melbourne.

Newton, J.K.(2013). Story-lines in the Book of Reverlation. Australian Biblical Review, Volume 6161-78.

Newton, J.K.(ed) (2013). New Frontiers: Redefining Christian Ministry for 21st Century Contexts. .

Newton, J.K.(2011). Time Language and the Purpose of the Millennium. Colloquium, Volume 43, Number 2147-168.

Newton, J.k. (2010). The Scope of Christian Prophecy. Australasian Pentecostal Studies, Issue 1359-86.

Newton, J.K.(2010). Holding Prophets Accountable. Journal of the European Pentecostal Theological Association, Volume 30, Number 163-79.

Newton, J.K.(2009). Revelation Reclaimed: The Use and Misuse of the Apocalypse. .

Newton, J.K.(2009). Reading Revelation Romatically. Journal of Pentecostal Theology, Volume 18, Number 2194-215.

Newton, J.K.(2003). Pointing the Way In Ireland, J., Edlin, R., Dickens, K., The Challenge of Postmodernism (pp. ). National Institure for Christian Education (N.I.C.E).

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8.30 am to 4.30 pm Monday to Thursday

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