10648NAT Diploma of Ministry (Leadership) - RPL

Churches today are incredibly diverse, complex, and unique to their calling. It is therefore essential that Ministers can skilfully handle scripture, manage administration and empower those they’re called to lead.

Course Description

This course gives you the opportunity to demonstrate the following essential skills and knowledge that you’ve acquired throughout your experience in professional ministry:

  • Ability to apply ethical decision-making principles;
  • Ability to interpret biblical passages and communicate their significance; 
  • Ability to identify and apply a Christian worldview and values;
  • Demonstration of general leadership skills in a ministry context;
  • Ability to execute pastoral ministry in a broad range of contexts;
  • General research skills, particularly the ability to gather, understand, evaluate and analyse information.

You will first collect, collate and submit a portfolio of real examples from your ministry practice such as sermon recordings, strategic plans, meeting minutes and discipleship material you created or delivered. This will be supplemented by testimonial evidence from mentors and senior ministry staff outlining your ministry responsibilities and observed skills. Finally, you will be given the opportunity to cover any small gaps in your portfolio with respect to the above skills and knowledge via a small amount of additional teaching, recommended resources and by liaising with our assessors.


Course Structure

This course comprises 12 units of competency to be completed over 1 semester and consists of:

  • 8 Core and Stream Units
  • 4 Elective units


8 Core and Stream Units

  • MINTHE501 Apply Christian ethical principles
  • MINPAS501 Implement and evaluate a ministry activity
  • CHCPAS001 Plan for the provision of pastoral and spiritual care
  • MINBIB501 Investigate and interpret biblical data
  • MINTHE401 Understand and apply a Christian theology
  • MINCOM501 Preach a Sermon
  • LEDLED501 Acquire Leadership Skills
  • BSBLDR403 Lead Team Effectiveness

4 Electives

  • MINPAS402 Work in a Ministry Team
  • BSBWOR502 Lead and manage team effectiveness
  • MINBIB401 Effectively communicate the principles of the Old Testament
  • MINBIB402 Effectively communicate the principles of the New Testament

For more details on which subjects you can choose, see the current enrolment guide for this course.

Entry Requirements

Essential Requirements: Nil.

Recommended Requirements:

  • For prospective students from a non-English speaking background, an IELTS Score of 5.5 (or demonstrate equivalent English proficiency) is recommended.
  • Five years ministry experience and a recognised ministry credential will ensure applicants are in a strong position to source all the required evidence. Applicants without either of these will be assessed through an interview as to their suitability for the course prior to enrolment.

Complete the Self-Assessment Checklist and a Detailed Curriculum Vitae with References before applying.

Additional Requirements: This program requires a government issued Unique Student Identifier (USI) number. See http://www.usi.gov.au/ for details and to secure your USI.

Study Modes

Assessment Mode: Recognition of Prior Learning
Online only
10 weeks (complete course)
4 terms per year

Fees & Timetable

Cost: $3000

Government loans are unavailable for this course. An alternative option is Study Loans, a private student loan provider.

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2022 Course Dates:
Intake 1: 31st of January - 8th of April (Census date: Monday, 21st of February)

Intake 1: Applications Closed

Intake 2: 26th of April - 1st of July (Census date: Monday, 16th of May)

Intake 2: Applications Close: Monday, 18th April COB, 5pm AEST.

Intake 3: 18th of July - 23rd of September (Census date: Monday, 8th of August)

Intake 3: Applications Close: Monday, 11th July COB, 5pm AEST.

Intake 4: 10th of October - 16th of December (Census date: Monday, 31st of October)

Intake 4: Applications Close: Monday, 3rd October COB, 5pm AEST.

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Ability to apply ethical decision making principles
  • Ability to communicate a broad knowledge of an Old Testament book and New Testament book
  • Ability to identify and apply a Christian worldview and values
  • Demonstration of general leadership skills in a ministry context
  • Ability to apply knowledge of pastoral ministry to a broad range of contexts, and depth in the area of specialisation
  • Demonstration of general research skills, particularly the ability to gather, understand, evaluate and analyse information

Alumni Stories

“This has been the best year of my life so far. You can come to class and study, but the great thing about this college is studying about God. One of the best things about this college is the friends you develop, not only students but lecturers and teachers. You get to meet new people who are open and sincere. Everyone is real, loves God and is one big family.”

Peter Akiki,

VET Ministry Graduate

peter akiki circle

Career Opportunities

Potential vocational outcomes for graduates of this course will depend on the participants’ pre-existing qualifications and experience, as well as their chosen electives. Ministry can take place within a variety of contexts, with potential careers in administration, chaplaincy, children’s ministry, church planting, community work, creative ministry, leadership, cross-cultural ministry, women’s ministry, or youth ministry.

Student Services

For more information on the suite of student support services available, please see our Student Services section.

Course Codes

Course Code: 10648NAT    RTO National code: 90525    Legal name: Alphacrucis College Limited

CRICOS Course Code: 096010D