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Subject code Subject name
ACA101 Faith and Purpose
CRS220 Curriculum Studies - English: Part A
CRS222 Curriculum Studies – Geography: Part A
CRS223 Curriculum Studies – History: Part A
CRS224 Curriculum Studies – Mathematics: Part A
CRS228 Curriculum Studies – Information and Software Technology
CRS231 Curriculum Studies – Personal Development, Health and Physical Education: Part A
CRS235 Curriculum Studies – Visual Arts: Part A
CRS240 Curriculum Studies – Music: Part A
CRS241 Curriculum Studies – Drama: Part A
CRS250 Curriculum Studies – Commerce
CRS330 Curriculum Studies – English: Part B
CRS331 Curriculum Studies – Personal Development, Health and Physical Education: Part B
CRS332 Curriculum Studies – Geography: Part B
CRS333 Curriculum Studies – History: Part B
CRS334 Curriculum Studies – Mathematics: Part B
CRS335 Curriculum Studies – Visual Arts: Part B
CRS338 Curriculum Studies – Information Processes and Technology
CRS340 Curriculum Studies – Music: Part B
CRS341 Curriculum Studies – Drama: Part B
CRS350 Curriculum Studies – Business Studies
CRS352 Curriculum Studies – Studies of Religion
DRA101 Improvisation and Playbuilding
DRA202 Performance Skills
DRA203 World Theatre Studies
DRA310 Direction and Production
DRA311 Australian Theatre Studies
DRA312 Applied Theatre
EDU102 Foundations in Christian Learning and Teaching
EDU103 Foundations of Christian Education
EDU104 Literacy and Numeracy
EDU105 Introduction to Academic Writing and Research
EDU108 Introduction to Academic Writing and Professional Communication
EDU116 Introduction to Learning Theory
EDU117 Perspectives of Professional Practice
EDU121 Critical Thinking for Effective Learning
EDU125 Australian Indigenous Education
EDU127 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Perspectives
EDU204 Literacy and Numeracy
EDU224 Inclusive Education
EDU226 Childhood and Adolescent Development
EDU228 Child and Adolescent Development and Wellbeing
EDU232 Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting
EDU234 Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting
EDU235 Well-being and Engagement
EDU236 Creating Positive Learning Environments
EDU310 Comprehensive Teaching Integration
EDU333 Learning and Teaching in Community Contexts
EDU340 Learning and Teaching through ICT
EDU344 Educational Psychology
EDU345 Equity, Diversity and Differentiation
ENG302 Film and Television
EXP210 Professional Experience 1 – Minor 1
EXP211 Professional Experience 1
EXP313 Professional Experience 2 – Minor 2
EXP314 Professional Experience 3 - Major
GEO301 Food and Health
GEO302 Environmental Sustainability
GEO303 Urban Environment
HIS105 Australians at War
HIS303 First Century Rome
HIS390 Historical Theory and Method
MAT101 Mathematics 1A
MAT102 Mathematics 1B
MAT201 Linear Algebra and Operations Research
MAT202 Advanced Calculus & Statistics
MAT211 Linear Algebra & Statistics
MAT222 Advanced Calculus
MAT301 Abstract Algebra and Number Theory
MAT302 Mathematical Analysis
MUS101 Music History
MUS201 Musicology
MUS230 Music Performance
MUS307 Music and Technology
MUS335 Music Ensembles
MUS340 Composition and Songwriting

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