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Subject code Subject name
ACA101 Faith and Purpose
CRS107 Elementary Mathematics
CRS204 Geography and History
CRS205 Birth to 5 Years Language and Literacy
CRS206 Years K-2 Reading and Writing
CRS207 Years 3-6 Reading and Writing
CRS208 Primary Mathematics 1
CRS209 Primary Mathematics 2
CRS233 Science and Technology
CRS236 Creative Arts
CRS301 STEAMS 1: Spirituality, Technology, English, Arts, Mathematics, Science
CRS304 Personal Development, Health and Physical Education
CRS305 STEAMS 2: Spirituality, Technology, English, Arts, Mathematics, Science
CRS306 Years K-6 Language and Literacy
EDU101 Foundations in Christian Learning and Teaching
EDU105 Introduction to Academic Writing and Research
EDU107 Foundational Mathematics and Numeracy
EDU108 Introduction to Academic Writing and Professional Communication
EDU113 Wellbeing and Care
EDU115 Brain Development from a 21st Century Perspective
EDU121 Critical Thinking for Effective Learning
EDU125 Australian Indigenous Education
EDU126 Australian Indigenous Education
EDU211 Learning and Teaching through Digital Technologies
EDU212 Inclusive Education
EDU214 Praxis and Pedagogy of Play
EDU227 Childhood Development
EDU315 Leadership and Management
EDU316 Differentiation, Classroom Engagement and Management
EDU332 Learning and Teaching in Community Contexts
EXP112 Professional Experience
EXP213 Professional Experience
EXP214 Professional Experience
EXP215 Professional Experience
EXP220 Professional Experience
EXP233 Professional Experience
EXP316 Professional Experience
EXP321 Professional Experience
EXP322 Professional Experience

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