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Subject code Subject name
ACA001 Faith and Purpose
ACC001 Introduction to Accounting & Bookkeeping
BIB009 Old Testament Foundations
BIB010 New Testament Foundations
BUS001 Quantitative Skills
BUS002 Australian Legal Environment and Ethics
BUS003 Introduction to Business Legal Environments and Ethics
COM001 Business Communication
ENT001 Entrepreneurship Foundations
ENT002 Idea to Opportunity
ENT003 Customer Research
ENT004 Design Thinking
ENT005 Storytelling for Entrepreneurs
EXP007 Professional Practice in Business
HIS102 Church History Foundations
HIS240 Australian Indigenous History
HRM201 Fundamentals of Human Resource Management
HUM101 The West and the Making of the Globalised World
HUM240 Australia in the Asia-Pacific
HUM301 Germany 1800-1945: A Global History
LEA004 Personal Leadership
LEA005 Leadership Principles
MAN001 Introduction to Management
MAN003 Project Management
MAN101 Introduction to Management
MAN201 Organisational Behaviour
MAN311 Strategic Management
MAN351 International Management
MIN001 Introduction to Pastoral Ministry
MIN003 Preaching
MIN005 Children’s Ministry
MIN006 Youth Ministry
MIN101 Introduction to Pastoral Ministry
MIN102 Christian Spirituality
MIN201 Pastoral Administration and Management
MIN202 Communicating the Christian Faith
MIN203 Preaching
MIN205 Church and Society
MIN206 Pentecostal Ministry Foundations
MIN220 Youth Ministry
MIN221 Children's Ministry
MIN231 Women and Men in Christian Ministry
MKT001 Foundations of Marketing
MKT101 Foundations of Marketing
MKT201 Sales Management
MKT202 Consumer Behaviour
MKT216 Strategic Marketing for Non-Profit Organisations
RES101 Introduction to Academic Writing and Research
THE101 Christian Worldview
THE201 Christian Ethics
THE202 Christ and Salvation
THE204 Pneumatology
THE208 Trinity and Christian Life
THE311 Ecclesiology
THE313 Creation and Humanity
WOR101 Introduction to Worship Ministry
WOR130 Independent Study in Specific Creative Arts 1
WOR205 Worship, Arts and Church History

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