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Subject code Subject name
ANL101 Old Testament Hebrew 1
ANL151 New Testament Greek 1
ANL201 Old Testament Hebrew 2
ANL251 New Testament Greek 2
ANL301 Old Testament Hebrew 3
ANL351 New Testament Greek 3
BIB102 Introduction to Israel's Scriptures (Old Testament)
BIB103 Introduction to the New Testament
BIB210 The Pentateuch
BIB211 Wisdom Literature
BIB212 Minor Prophets
BIB213 Historical Books of the Old Testament
BIB251 Johannines
BIB252 The Prison Epistles
BIB254 The World of the New Testament
BIB257 Mark’s Gospel
BIB258 Building Pauline Churches—The Pastoral Epistles and Thessalonians
BIB292 Biblical Interpretation
BIB311 Psalter
BIB312 Isaiah
BIB313 Esther
BIB349 Old Testament Field Study
BIB350 Biblical Theology
BIB351 Luke-Acts
BIB352 Romans and Galatians
BIB353 I & II Corinthians
BIB355 The Book of Revelation
BIB359 New Testament Field Study
CCM101 Introduction to Cross Cultural Ministry
CCM102 Biblical Foundations of Mission
CCM201 Cross Cultural Communication
CCM202 Anthropology in Christian Ministry
CCM209 Pentecostal Ministry in Spirit World Aware Contexts
CCM221 Preparing for Cross Cultural Field Ministry
CCM222 Personal and Professional Skills for Cross Cultural Ministry
CCM223 Methods and Strategies for Cross Cultural Ministry
CCM304 World Religions
CCM305 Exploring Islam
EXP201 Professional Practice
EXP301 Advanced Professional Practice
GEO101 Population and Development
GEO202 Biophysical Interactions
GEO203 Global Resource Consumption and Security
HIS101 History of Christianity
HIS208 History of Christian Expansion
HIS210 Pentecostal and Charismatic Christianity
HIS240 Australian Indigenous History
HIS290 Historical Theory and Method
HIS301 Australian Church History
HIS302 Early and Medieval Christian History
HRM201 Fundamentals of Human Resource Management
HRM202 Human Resource Planning and Development
HUM101 The West and the Making of the Globalised World
HUM240 Australia in the Asia-Pacific
HUM301 Germany 1800-1945: A Global History
LEA201 Leadership Principles
LEA220 Developing Women Leaders
MAN101 Introduction to Management
MAN201 Organisational Behaviour
MAN311 Strategic Management
MAN351 International Management
MIN101 Introduction to Pastoral Ministry
MIN102 Christian Spirituality
MIN107 Spiritual Formation 1: Personal Formation
MIN201 Pastoral Administration and Management
MIN202 Communicating the Christian Faith
MIN203 Preaching
MIN204 Healing Ministry
MIN205 Church and Society
MIN206 Pentecostal Ministry Foundations
MIN207 Spiritual Formation 2: Developing self and others
MIN220 Youth Ministry
MIN221 Children's Ministry
MIN225 Childhood and Adolescent Development
MIN230 Women and Christian Ministry
MIN302 Discipleship
MIN304 Church Planting
MIN305 Relationships
MIN307 Spiritual Formation 3: Developing Collaborative Relationships
MIN326 Advanced Children's and Youth Ministry
MKT101 Foundations of Marketing
MKT201 Sales Management
MKT202 Consumer Behaviour
MKT216 Strategic Marketing for Non-Profit Organisations
MKT251 Marketing Communication
MKT301 Market Research
MKT351 International Marketing
RES101 Introduction to Academic Writing and Research
SOC201 Theology of Social Justice
SOC202 Global Poverty
SSC110 Psychology of Emotion and Wellbeing
SSC111 Case Management
SSC112 Counselling Practice I
SSC210 Human Lifespan Development
SSC211 Principles of Psychology
SSC212 Grief and Loss
SSC213 Social Identity in Australia
SSC214 Counselling Practice II
SSC215 Group and Community Work
SSC216 Mental Health
SSC217 Applied Counselling Theories
SSC218 Working with Trauma
SSC219 Professional Accountability
SSC220 Professional Considerations
SSC300 Professional Practice
SSC330 Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
SSC331 Solution Focused Therapy and Positive Psychology
SSC332 Narrative Therapy
SSC333 Creative Therapies
SSC334 Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care
SSC336 Australian Aboriginal Studies
SSC337 Working with Addictions
SSC338 Working with Relationships
SSC339 Working with Children and Young People
SSC340 Engaging Families
SSC341 Cultural Anthropology
SSC342 Working with Offenders
SSC343 Youth Work
SSC344 Youth Work in Practice
SSC345 Youth Issues
SSC346 Working in Schools
SSC347 Trauma Informed Practice I
SSC348 Trauma Informed Practice II
THE101 Christian Worldview
THE201 Christian Ethics
THE202 Christ and Salvation
THE204 Pneumatology
THE208 Trinity and Christian Life
THE221 Theology of Social Justice
THE303 Public Theology and Political Engagement
THE307 Theology and Film
THE310 Apologetics
THE311 Ecclesiology
THE315 Theology and Popular Culture
THE320 Theology and Psychology

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